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Healing through Reiki

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Healing through Reiki

Reiki is a healing power of light that acts on all levels of the body, from the spiritual and emotional to the material. This energy acts cleaning, purifying, clarifying and unlocking our energy system.

Your hands are a powerful healing tool

Currently there are many practices where use their hands as the main instrument of healing. From very early times, the hands have been used as a means to calm and reduce pain. We instinctively put our hands when something hurts us or when we want to mitigate the pain of someone who has been hurt. We use our hands to caress, to express ourselves when we talk and give pats as a showing of affection. On the palm of our hands, a healing, strong and powerful energy flows constantly. This energy can be more or less as our energy channels that are opened to provide a flow of increasingly intense. This gift is healing and comforted exploited in a very practical and functional way for a very specific, the more practiced and used, help to enhance this quality benefit of the energy of light.

How does Reiki work?

Reiki is the therapeutic practice which uses the hands as the main instrument for channeling energy. Through the location of specific points on the body, the hands are placed on certain places, so that energy flows through them, exits and stays stable, harmonizing the energy of that particular point energy. The seven energy systems channels of the body (chakras) are arranged along the spine and serve as reference for this therapy to act effectively at all levels.

Disease and reiki

We know that the disease has its roots in the mental and emotional body. Conflicts, problems not solved, resentment, emotions stored and unrecognized, are formed, as we experience blockages in the body. When conflicts are dragged back a long way, it appears that this energy remains stagnant for a long time until one day results in disease. Disease is the result of a blockage of energy, does not come from one day to another, it has managed to advance our energy systems. At the moment this is the root that is blocking the free flow of energy, at the time it fades resentment, guilt, anger, sadness or any emotion that hinder the flow of energy, the disease starts to appear. Reiki goes directly to these blocks, treats the patient in a holistic manner and treats the symptoms as one of the most powerful way to know where the patient is reluctant to change, letting go past experiences.

The deepest root of current diseases

Instead of satisfying our deepest needs, we are dedicated to meet the demands and modus vivendus so severely today. This way of life that separates us intimate relationship with ourselves, we distance ourselves from being who we are and distract us with that pernicious and superficial way of life. As a result, we feel alone and confused, lost in a sea of emotional pull and drag many times. We are alone and then we feel the need for company. Then we desperately look for friends and with whom to be, we need someone who understands us, that makes us feel important and valuable, someone to put our attention and say our deepest needs. This applicant is valid, therefore, dependent beings, and we become at the bottom of an often unconscious drivers of other beings, we want to do, and say what they are, begin to restrict their freedom to be what they want to be in the fund because we need to feel safe, motivated and important from them. We deny and evade our deepest emotions, and sink our dissatisfaction and unhappiness in this movement. The lack of contact with what we are is the main reason that the energy system begins to crash. If we do not care and it persists, in the long run it will express itself in a series of nuisance and disease to call the attention to take a thorough reassessment and consideration of the body.

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1 Reviews about Healing through Reiki
on 29/09/2015
This is such an amazing medicine, and it takes such a subtle, yet profound understanding of the way the body works, it's just beautiful. Sometimes I think that humans will look back at the way Western medicine is so limited in the way it understands the human body, and will consider us as primitive.

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