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Healing the inner child

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Healing the inner child

The inner child is a beautiful metaphor that speaks of that part of ourselves where we are curious, playful, cheerful and adventurous. There is a part of us that never ceases to dream, to imagine, to be bold and creative, and to feel safe and loved by a father and a mother that let you explore what is unknown, opening their arms unconditionally when we are back and tired, all we want is the lullaby of the universe that makes us to dream again.

The problem with this child in all of us is that over time, we lose contact and closeness with him, which ultimately may be why we feel alone, abandoned, sad and little as it seems that somehow we eat from all this child gives us, when we lose or get away from these innate qualities, is when we become tense, irritable and suspicious, that's when we stop playing and see the world in a new and surprising way, which we bitterly lonely and even around us, and it seems that the more distant the more sadness, more solitude and more tension, which can eventually create all sorts of diseases.

Why did we lose touch with our inner child?

Because since kinds, circumstances that surrounded us taught us many things, but not to believe, trust and love what we are. This wasn’t taught to us this because the people who educated us did not know either, and did what they could to try to make us happy or at least to avoid lacking the essential things. But since they did not know how to love themselves, they had many attitudes, said many things that undermined our love and dignity.

As we grew, this child was left behind, saved us somewhere, somehow hoping that we give this attention, affection, respect and appreciation that we lost somewhere in our lives.

How to reclaim the inner child?

The gaps, constraints and shortages that we have in our life will not be filled if we do not start to fill ourselves, nothing out there can offset what we love, not even fortune can make it more fabulous. The people around us can help us get closer to the kid, but if we are we not are ready, the adventure will remain frustrated, and what will happen then is that we become dependent to others.

The importance of recovering this inner child is one of the key points to the realization of all human beings. Here's a very creative way to approach it.

What you need is:

A case of colors and a blank sheet

Place white paper over the table and select the colors listed below:

Now, draw your inner child trying to use the whole sheet. Before you start doing the drawing, imagine how the kid is. The drawing must be done by hand and pencil at first. Then, with eyes closed and with the opposite hand to which you write, mix colors and choose one. And color the first part, in this case the head. Once you finish that part, put the color in the same place and with eyes closed do the same (it doesn’t matter if you repeat the same color). Do it 7 times, until you finish drawing all parts.

Once drawing is complete, look carefully at your drawing and the colors you used.
Now let's explore what each color means and its relationship with each part of the body.

RED: indicates anger, mistrust, and perhaps envy, jealousy and / or claims that have been saved in this part of your body. If you painted head with red, you suffer from headaches or problems associated with the nervous system and eye problems, ear, etc. If you paint hands or arms with red, may indicate that you are angry with the things you tried to stop or manage your life, and you could suffer from arthritis or muscle aches. If it is in the heart area, then you may feel resentment toward someone or something from your past, you are impatient, perhaps jealous and do not trust you. If you painted the legs with this color, somehow you do not let anger go forward or can hinder your own lack of confidence and love for you.

YELLOW: The head indicates that there is understanding, wisdom and lucid ideas. In the middle represents the ability or joy or understanding with which tasks are performed daily. Usually indicates wisdom in any part of the body, or it can indicate a strong desire to understand things and get ahead.

GREEN: green represents healing and creativity, but may also represent perfectionism or strong desire to heal. In the area of the head, indicates that you have creative skills in the areas of your life and you know you adapt to the circumstances so you are someone flexible. The amount of green in the drawing may also indicate hope, or faith so many are in your inner child. If your drawing has very little green, you may feel hopeless, or have a deep disappointment.

BLUE: Indicates cold or a life well reasoned and thought that may be conducted only by learned patterns. In the head, may indicate a very high intellect. In the area of the heart, means you can have painful experiences that have frozen to live and keep you cold or emotional distance with things and people. Lots of blue in the picture may indicate that you are not very communicative or shy but perhaps with eager to communicate or express or say what you want and think. In some cases, may indicate that you are very blunt in your decisions. If you draw your hands in blue indicates a very detailed and even obsessive about the things you do, you can be inflexible when you need to be flexible. If your feet are painted blue, you can make it hard to thrive and see future projects.

PINK: represents the emotional warmth, love, passion, tenderness and understanding. Pink in your head shows that you always strive to understand others. In the heart, it can mean you are developing a new love for all things or perhaps you need to give it to yourself. If you have a lot of pink in your drawing, you're probably in a deep process of transformation or love for you. If your feet are pink, indicates that the path you want to keep is related to love and greatness of your life.

BLACK: is the color of absence, that you are not present in your life as a friend or partner, you leave aside to address other issues. In the head, indicates that you're not sure what you want or where you go, or you're very harshly critical and judgmental of others. In the heart, means resentment, violence and feelings of bitterness, not feeling free and maybe you feel trapped in conditions that you do not like and even hate. If elsewhere in the body, indicates that you dislike the things you do and you feel that you do not lead anywhere, which can cause you a lot of loneliness and feelings of misunderstanding and confusion. If it is on your feet, may indicate a pessimistic character, and if is in the height of the sexual organs, indicates very little or no joy in life. It is urgent that you work with your inner child! You need talk and engage in contact gradually.

BROWN: It is the color of the indifference or not be very motivated or lazy. In the head shows that you have thoughts of resistance to grow. If brown is predominant in the drawing is that you tend to be depressed or have changes to the nervous system.

ORANGE: it represents the need for change, transition and the new. When there is so much orange in the drawing, may indicate a great desire for change or already be in the process, so you will need a lot of support for yourself so you can take you where you want.

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2 Reviews about Healing the inner child
on 29/03/2015
Foundations are important for everything. They're important for physical structures, for education, and of course, for mental and emotional development. It's hard to overcome one's childhood "issues" because often times the perpetrator never realizes his/her mistakes, and as an adult, you then have to fix someone else's mistakes in you.
on 25/03/2013
Good analysis, I have heard about this in psychology and I?m really interested about topic like this one, knowing that all of us have an inner child waiting for us to understand us and guide us through the path of life makes me feel better about everything, and I?m going to try this test for sure, I think it?s a good idea to practice an auto-analysis easily

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