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Heal the World

Heal the world. If this short phrase sounds familiar to the title of a song, you are right. Michael Jackson in 1991 came into the light of his unmistakable voice, one of the most beautiful and poignant songs, which carries the title of this article.

Who knows whether my letters reach the speed, sensitivity and music with this brilliant man who made vibrate from the heart to the feet of millions of human beings, but at least I would not let the moment of trying to dance in the lyrics with happy tears and inspired to try more than a few eyes to say goodbye to a great artist, a genius of dance, all those things he put in to dance the story of his life, he tried once convey the immense value of caring for the world and not to forget those who suffer in the distance from our immediate reality, suggesting that you stop for a moment of selfishness with which we see and judge our life and life itself, and hear the beautiful and profound message of the heart. There is a place in your heart, and I know that it is love, and this place is much brighter than tomorrow, that if one really tries, will realize that in reality there is no need to mourn in this place called love as there is no suffering or pain, and there is always a way to get there, if one really cares about life.

Make a little space

Make a better place

Without denying the value of transcendence, I think the great value of life is life itself. Sometimes I say that a people have to have a happy life, but then I realize that my message is not fully understood, and can even be dangerous, because the concept of happiness is unwelcome, often greeted with naivete. Happiness is, in my view, life itself, life is fortunate because it gives us greater freedom and opportunity to test emotions, discover and experience the scope of the heart, surprises can be anywhere and appear in unexpected places, and in spite of any circumstance which we live and suffer, always prevails the illusion, and if it does not need any more to give, let the heart up and scatters , which was flooded and move as it pleases, and is expressed in a myriad of ways, whether in a melody in a song or a dance handed and full of passion.

Man is what he dreams and loves, to judge the living is exempt from enjoyment, not judging another human being for what he does or does not allow us to reach out to see the beauty that plays with your heart. We limited ourselves permission to play with spontaneous cravings of our hearts, so play like the children, and to invent and explore the world, a world which is like an infinite space where there seems to be too large, so great to allow any creative expression, to say that something "bad" is the same as saying that nature has "something wrong".

Avoiding becoming the judge of others is a step towards finding the true meaning of life and being illuminated and aware of everything happening in the world with pure eyes, we not only begin to enjoy what and every human being can bring, but begin to extend a hand to ask us, we'll start to hear more clearly what the world tells us, and indeed the quality of care life all around us, but especially we will get inspiration for starting this inner child in all of us, who love the game of exploration and curiosity.

We still have time to not avoid that the world becomes a carton and thirsty land of life, yet we cannot see "bad", stop dividing the world into black and white, and start to admire what a better human being is capable of expressing in his life. Why missing the beautiful things of the world? The world wants the most delicate melody of the heart, carrying the foot of a magical illusion that one has to keep awake and alive.

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2 Reviews about Heal the World
on 18/05/2015
It's a great song, and Michael Jackson really should have gotten more credit for the message he was sending world-wide. It's sad that so many people have sang beautifully true songs, yet so few people truly listen to them. "Heal the world, make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race"
on 05/07/2013
I like this song very much, it can give me the energy to keep it going while hard times are passing by, thanks for recalling it and comparing with beautiful facts of the life :) Michael Jackson we miss you so much, your voice and especially your lyrics which were for the entire mankind

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