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Hate and Beauty

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Hate and Beauty

Whenever you get angry or desperate, a lot of things happen in your body as much bile is secreted, your heart races disproportionately, the energy is blocked, there are changes in sudden your nervous system, pressure imbalances tighten your muscles and joints, and finally, it causes a general internal stress and weakens significantly affecting not only your health but your beauty in every way.

Knowing your emotions and learning to manage them with intelligence and skill is a powerful weapon, knowing it to use, it can be reflected in all aspects of your life, including your health and the features of your face, because among other things, all expressions you do with your face sooner or later etched into the grooves of your face, eyes, mouth, etc., which betray your personality and ways of reacting to life, which can be beautiful and harmonious or tense, desperate and with much resistance.

The big difference between anger and rage

In reality, anger is an emotion neither good nor bad, anger, like all emotions, it is only a reaction to how we see and interpret life. But do not confuse anger with rage, anger is a reaction of esistance, while rage is an inner strength that helps us overcome and lift us with strength, creativity and ingenuity over the circumstances we feel we limit or we show some weakness. Unlike anger, courage or rage does not react with opposition, but try to move through. People of aggressive, angry, violent or angry character show a weakness of character or lack of emotional resilience. This is not bad or good, is just one evidence as we are interpreting life. On the other hand, people with courage, are focused, reflective, observant, aware and open-minded, that is, they allow the exploration from different points of view of life without feeling attacked.

The way we see life is fundamental to our inner harmony and can be reflected in all our body, face and character. There is no point having physical beauty if there is no inner beauty, physical beauty will run out someday, but the character won’t. That's why you should always consider as you can be courageous in life instead of fists, that is, whenever you can, try to develop powers of observation, meditation, consideration, and the new movement where necessary. The emotions of anger, despair, anger and hatred we mainly serve to realize our deepest weaknesses, do not have the humility to accept or recognize is equivalent to prevent the passage to create or receive grandest realities.

A person might feel angry when:

  • The basic physiological needs like food cannot be met satisfactorily.
  • Fatigue
  • Hormonal changes (adolescence)
  • Physical pain
  • When things do not go as expected
  • When people do not react the way you want
  • When person is in danger of losing something emotionally dependent
  • When the diet is not rich enough quality nutrients, when feeding predominantly refined sugars and breads, canned and processed products, on cooked meats and dairy animal.

What to do when we get angry?

The best thing is to stop the anger as soon as possible, before it generates strong imbalance in the body. However, this is a task that cannot be achieved from one day to another, for we must remember that we are accustomed and trained to react in particular ways towards life, we must take into account that we are educating our attitude in order to feel adventure, more free and enjoy life.

Educating the attitude requires, above all, a lot of will, learn to release emotions in ways more creative and refined. Painting, writing, music, sculpture, etc., are very positive ways to let the emotions flow and express what we feel, to intend to make our world will create more emotional quality art in our emotional world.

There are many things that also can help us during this process of emotional education: alternative therapies such as Reiki, aromatherapy, music therapy, reflexology, etc., are useful alternatives that help to balance energy and inner harmony, to give us the better way to greater understanding of what we feel.

There are also many natural foods that can help detoxify the body of aggressive or harmful substances, we clog the consciousness in the body's vital functions with unhealthful eating habits, we must work to support the body with food. The garlic, alfalfa, chlorophyll, lemon, orange, flaxseed, grapes, extra virgin olive oil, aloe, etc. are debugger food and if you know how to use properly, can support us to improve our emotional quality.

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2 Reviews about Hate and Beauty
on 01/05/2015
This was a great article, and it's something that we all need reminded of, especially as our lives seem to take on more and omore complexity. We're getting over-run by stress, which leads to anger and irritability. It's just not healthy!
on 03/06/2013
I have seen a lot of people that have many wrinkles and marks in the face that show the tension and anger have lived in their life and that looks awful. I think that an old person that keeps his or her youth surely had a clam life and learned to control the anger, that?s the best choice to maintain a healthy life.

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