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Hands and feet to show off

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Hands and feet to show off

Our extremities work all the time, their health and beauty depends on us giving them the care and devotion they deserve. ands are our presentation letter, always taking into account this part while meeting someone, also serves to pet, play, write, clean and perform multiple tasks.

Feet do not do less for us, they help us to transport us, sustain us, and rise, while we subject them to long hours of standing on a heels or uncomfortable shoes. That is why our limbs require extra care that we must not forget. There are typical problems in the skin of hands and feet, and often we ignore them.


You might think that dryness and sweating in your hands is normal, however, these symptoms are considered skin problems.

Eczema and dermatitis: These terms are often used in the same sense. There are many types of eczema, in this case I am referring to those caused by contact with a foreign agent, which in turn, can be irritative, allergic or both.

Dry Eczema: This variety is characterized clinically by the presence of vesicles that appear symmetrically in palms, sides of fingers and less frequently in the feet.

Irritative eczema or dermatitis: occur when there is contact with a foreign substance to which the person is sensitive, resulting in non-allergic inflammatory reaction.


If your skin shows some problems, it is recommended that you follow the following tips:

  • Avoid excessive hand washing, try washing them with warm water and soap rather neutral, dry without forgetting the space between the fingers, and if you do chores with detergents, or other cleaning agents, use gloves.
  • In the case of dermatitis, use of two gloves made of rubber, external and inside these, two of cotton.

The feet

There are some problems that can appear in our feet, the most common of all is perhaps the fungal, or yeast infection.

Humidity promotes the growth of fungi, which also prefer warm, moist environments. To avoid them is important the proper drying of the feet before putting shoes.

It is important to use correctly moisturizers, and apply them only if necessary.

Guide to get beautiful hands and foot

Step 1: Clean your hands and feet, after washing, a lotion with bacteriostatic agents is recommended to maintain perfect asepsis before and after cutting and filing nails, thus preventing fungal infections. Polish nails carefully.

Step 2: Exfoliate, exfoliation performed with micro-particles having a product that will help you polish and remove dead cells from the skin surface, then remove and hydrate. Exfoliation doesn’t need to be performed daily, once a week is enough.

Step 3: Moisturize after exfoliating, and to prevent dryness, skin spots, cracks and wrinkles, it is important that you apply a product to hydrate. I recommend you make different choices for hands and feet, as the moisture level required for each is different.

Step 4: apply enamel, before color enamel, apply a basis known as "porcelain". This way you will protect your nails and avoid staining.

Protect them from the sun

In summer and hot weather, the feet and hands are exposed to the sun; you should remember that the hands are the most exposed, so it is recommended that you use a sunscreen to protect them, apply 30 minutes before going out.

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2 Reviews about Hands and feet to show off
on 09/09/2014
Thank you for this! I have never had particularly pleasing hands or feet to look at, not that they are unsightly (I've seen much worse), but I just don't do a whole lot to take "care" of them. I think your article has given me a few ideas though, so I'll try the exfoliation and moisturizing.
on 25/03/2013
Good advices, I?m going to follow the 4 steps for beautiful hands and feet, tomorrow I?m going to the store to look up for some moisturizers for both parts of my body, any recommendation? I don?t really trust in pharmacies? guys so maybe I?m going to visit a naturist place

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