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Halitosis: the smell of your breath may lead to a disease

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Halitosis: the smell of your breath may lead to a disease

The breath is the soft air bouncing naturally from our mouth when we talk or just open our mouths. Usually the breath should not be perceived and should not have an odor, however, when the breath smells strong and has an unpleasant odor then you should consider it, beyond the inconvenience or social problems that this causes, it may be evidence of some disease.

The unpleasant odor from the mouth is known as halitosis or bad breath, it is something that a large number of people have, even though some may not realize that their mouth smells bad.

Here are guidelines for you to observe the different types of bad breath and possible causes:

The smell of "rotten" or sulfur: usually caused by poor oral hygiene, when we don't use the toothbrush or floss, which causes that food stagnate between teeth and rot, creating toxins and a bad mouth odor. These toxins promote secretion of sulfur by bacteria in the mouth, and that's why the breath smells like sulfur. To avoid this, it is necessary to brush consciously and calm your mouth, use the floss at least once a day, preferably at night, this way the teeth will not suffer cavities or bad odor. Good hygiene is important to prevent tooth decay and gum disease that can cause tooth loss eventually.
• Breath with fruity or sweet odor: this type of breath occurs when the body tries to release excess acetone in the body through breathing. This happens when the body has a ketoacidosis, a condition which means the body has insufficient insulin and sugar can not be "combusted" by the body, which occurs in people with diabetes. This is a condition that can be fatal if  it is not treated early. To avoid this, you need to start a proper diet or suspending all refined product with added colorings or preservatives, especially refined sugars should be eliminated, white sugar, white bread, sausages and fried products as well. See cure with lemon.
• Bitter taste breath: can exist due a liver disease.
• Breath smelling like stool: the breath smells like feces when there is a prolonged vomit with bowel obstruction, because the waste is eliminated through the mouth. It also occurs in people with a probe in the nose or mouth (nasogastric tube) that goes to the stomach in order to drain the stomach contents, as well as the people with a lot of toxins in their body.
• Breath with ammonia, fish or urine odor: in this case, bad breath is caused by chronic kidney failure, which is described as a deficiency of kidneys when they are not able to filter toxic substances or waste from the body. When this happens, the body increases its level of creatine. View cure with lemon.

Other causes of bad odor:

• Drinking alcohol or smoking.
Infection of the throat or lung.
• Dental problems such as cavities, fistulae, prosthetics, braces, gum disease, etc..
• Eating certain foods with strong seasoning as garlic, onions, etc..
• Take medications.
• Cancer.

Cure Bad Breath with lemon

The lemon has many therapeutic benefits and here are a cure that will help you deal with this bad smell of the mouth from the root.

The first thing we recommend is that you maintain good oral hygiene and wash you your teeth to prevent agglomeration of bacteria.

Then consider lemon which is a powerful fruit for treating halitosis.

For this cure, you should consume the juice of two lemons fasting dissolved in a glass of warm water. The lemon not only combat gum disease, tooth decay and oral bacteria, but helps to heal the liver, diabetes, blood with excess of toxins, acidosis and kidney problems. The lemon kills bacteria, disinfects and is an excellent antibiotic to cure diseases, and it’s a powerful antioxidant that helps to restore the tissue and level the pH of the blood.

It is important that you make an effort to remove products or harmful habits such as smoking, excessive drinking, etc..

On the other hand, stress and excessive and prolonged worry or fear causes halitosis, since bad feelings, as anger, would stress your body and provoke a bad health.

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4 Reviews about Halitosis: the smell of your breath may lead to a disease
on 15/08/2014
This sounds so gross, but I know quite a few people with some pretty bad breath. I'm really glad you wrote it though, because it seems to address soem key and fundamental aspects of health that are reflected in our breath. Every once in a while I get what are called "tonsil stones", which cause terrible bad breath too. They are small pieces of food deposits that get stuck in the tonsils. They calcify and become absolutly rancid. If anyone else has this problem, garglling with warm baking soda water about twice a week should do just the trick
on 06/11/2012
Being honest, I have problems with my breath. Thanks to this article I find out I might have teeth problems and I would check a dentist and take care of my oral health. I want to be sure it?s nothing else like one of those major diseases explained here.

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