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Hair treatment with laser

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Hair treatment with laser

How do low-frequency laser treatments for hair work?

The low-frequency laser light uses the scientific principles of bio-photo. This process occurs when cells absorb light and self-repair. The laser light penetrates deep into tissues of scalp, stimulating micro-circulation of the bloodstream, improving cellular metabolism and helping the synthesis of protein. Clinical studies suggest that this cellular and subcellular activity helps slow hair loss caused by DHT (dihydrotestosterone).

Many international clinical researches have long shown that bio-stimulation with laser brings low positive effects on skin and hair. These investigations show that the laser works by three mechanisms:

Revival: The laser energy is converted into cellular energy

Laser light increases the energy available to the admission of cells favoring nutrients faster and get more positive waste elimination. However, the scientists and doctors have been low by using the laser frequency during the past 30 years to speed wound and produce new tissue.

Circulation: Increases blood circulation and vasodilatation.

Microscopy studies have shown increased circulation and oxygenation of the blood to the bulb of the scalp. The Laser also removes calcification and blockages near hair bulb, causing the rise in the degenerating activity of the cell. The laser helps the hair to improve in fullness, shine, body and elasticity and therefore the problems of the scalp such as excessively oily or dry hair can also be reduced. In 1986, the international association of the research group of laser included in the test report on the laser cooling:

"If it is a normal amount of hair bulbs in a square centimeter, this can indicate a consolidation of growth... hair could be found”

Vibration - Bring the cells into harmonious oscillation patterns

The tissue and fluids from our bodies vibrate. That vibration occurs within a frequency range similar to the cold laser. When its vibrations become irregular can back into the "sync" with the irradiation of low frequency of laser working at the quantum level.

A quantum is the least amount of energy that can be transmitted in any wavelength.

Source: Capillary Clinical Institute

Aragon street, 283, 08009 Barcelona, Tel: 902 101 706, wewww.instituto-capillary. com

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1 Reviews about Hair treatment with laser
on 19/10/2015
I'm sure that this sort of therapy is effective and really works great, but I would also be concerned about the potential side effects this type of therapy may have, like does it lead to cancer or tumors of any sort? With therapies that are this new and use "modern" have to think about this stuff.

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