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Hair damage: avoid it with these foods and juices

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Hair damage: avoid it with these foods and juices

If the diet is not rich enough in vitamins, minerals, proteins and nutrients, the hair, skin and nails are the first to resent it, since the nutrients are absorbed by the body's major organs such as heart, liver, etc. leaving hair and nails until the last.

If your hair falls out easily or is damaged, it is more likely that your diet is not the most appropriate. Shampoos or outpatient treatment for hair can only do very little for the hair, but pay special attention to what you're eating, remember that your hair is fed, mainly by your diet.

So here are the essential nutrients for a great hair, and some juices to drink during the day so you will always have the basic nutrients.

Note that:

Even if you eat very well, there are three factors that can prevent that hair gets nourished:

1. Stress, which does not allow adequate absorption of nutrients and which also causes tension in the scalp and does not allow the follicle to feed properly, weakening the hair and causing it to fall.

2. A saturated intestine: the intestine is responsible for absorption of nutrients and that these pass into the bloodstream to be distributed. If intestine does not work well or is loaded with toxins and harmful fats, then it cannot absorb nutrients properly. To keep the bowel clean, we must not abuse the saturated fats, junk food, sugar and refined flour.

3. Poor blood circulation, which can be remedied by exercising and helping to stimulate the scalp with massage. The blood is what carries nutrients to the hair, if it is not efficient and "up" properly to your head, your hair will suffer.

So, taking into account these few tips, here are some of the foods most effective for your hair which must be in your diet:

ALFALFA: rich in enzymes, catalysts that control chemical reactions and, among other things, accelerate oxygen absorption of protein, minerals, vitamins, nitrogen, etc. used by each cell in the body. Without sufficient enzymes in your diet, your hair will weaken and fall. In addition, alfalfa is rich in chlorophyll and vitamins, has large amounts of vitamins D, K, A and E and has 8 important enzymes, plus it contains silicon, an important mineral in the formation of hair, and also contains calcium, chlorine, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and sodium.

AVOCADO: has excellent properties for all hair types, not only at hair masks but eating it in salads or other dishes can be a powerful benefit from its oil to lubricate and nourish the hair. In addition, it has many nutrients and minerals. Rich in vitamin E and protein; it adds shine, strength and health to all hair types.

SESAME: rich in nutrients like calcium and iron, containing zinc and lecithin and are rich in essential oils and plant proteins for hair. Its content in iron, phosphorus, magnesium, copper and chromium make it the perfect seed for your hair.

NUTS: excellent source of healthy vegetable oils such as Omega 3 and omega 6, which contribute to hair health and beauty, in addition, nuts contain a large percentage of vitamin E, zinc and vitamin B, all this will help to repair hair deeply.

CUCUMBER: this food is one of the most desirable to prevent hair loss for its great contribution in vitamin E, water and natural oils. Cucumber juice is excellent to prevent the decline and deterioration of the hair.

BEER YEAST: contains a wealth of properties, it cleanses the skin (and scalp), and has a high content of protein and minerals. Iron-rich, powerful source of vitamin B, with a high content of chromium and folic acid, all this helps the to repair hair thoroughly.

ONION: rich in silica (important mineral for the formation of hair), an excellent source of antioxidant, and blood and intestinal debugger, which will keep your body in top condition. In addition, frequent consumption of raw onion helps you avoid and combat seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff, fungus and other scalp conditions that cause damage.

Anti-fall Juice


  • 3 teaspoons of parsley, washed and chopped
  • One cup of alfalfa (either the normal or sprouted)
  • One teaspoon of liquid chlorophyll
  • Two lemons with skinl
  • Molasses or honey


  1. Wash and cut lemons into small pieces with skin and then blend with a glass of water.
  2. Strain the water and then use the same lemon water to liquefy the remaining ingredients. Drink slowly and in small sips.

Nuts Liquid


  • 5 nuts
  • One and a half cups of soy milk
  • One tablespoon of oatmeal
  • One tablespoon of sesame
  • Molasses or honey to taste


  1. Blend all and serve.

Juice to stop baldness


  • A whole cucumber with skin, washed
  • A handful of well washed alfalfa
  • A slice of pineapple
  • Molasses to taste
  • 2 almonds


  1. Pass the cucumber in an extractor, and blend with the rest of the ingredients, add water if it’s too thick. Drink without strain.

Liquid for nourishing the hair


  • A glass of soy or oat milk
  • One tablespoon of sesame
  • Half a teaspoon of sunflower seeds
  • A banana
  • One tablet of brewer's yeast or Spirulina


  1. Blend everything and drink. Take this liquid with a yeast tablet or spirulina daily.

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2 Reviews about Hair damage: avoid it with these foods and juices
on 08/03/2015
Great tips, and it is a really great idea to nourish your hair from your diet. I think this creates awareness not only for hair, but for skin, nails, and everything else in your body. If you're concerned enough about your hair...just eat a healthy diet and you'll be beautiful all around. Great article, thanks so much.
on 03/02/2013
I love when you post articles to have a healthier and bright hair. Lately, I?ve been noticing that my hair is somehow opaque and it falls a lot, I don?t know if this is my fault because I?m not including certain thing to my diet, but well, I?ll try the juices and see what happen, I know that those ingredients are very good for the hair?s health.

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