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Guarantees control in Organic Agriculture

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Guarantees control in Organic Agriculture

In addition to the production standards, Annexes I and II of Regulation (EEC) 2092/91 on organic agriculture must be met, so it is possible to certify crops, certain assurances. This is the purpose of Annex III. Imposing certain limitations on conventional crops can have the same owner, and agrees to take certain minimum accounting and complete certain documents of movement with each batch of product, to ensure traceability.

Guarantees of control on the farm

Production must take place in a local production unit of which, plots, pastures, exercise areas and outdoor access of animals, livestock facilities, and, where appropriate, the premises for storage of plants, plant products, animals, raw materials and inputs, are clearly separate from those of any other unit not producing in accordance with the standards referred to in this Regulation.

The minimum separation is required, in the case of irrigation, is that the installation of irrigation from the pond (if the pond water is not added unauthorized products) is separate from any other plant for watering a conventional unit. The stores of pesticides, fertilizers and crops may share. Obviously the producer doesn’t have other operating units that are grown conventionally in the same area (for our purposes a district may be the island), and the segregation the previous paragraph, imposes certain limitations on what can be grown in these units, which must also be subject to review by the CRAE and may also be inspected. In these conventional units can not have parallel production, i.e. plant may not occur in the same variety as those produced in the ecological unit, or a variety that is not easily distinguishable from it. For annual crops not allow exceptions.

The parallel production can be allowed as an exception in case they are perennial crops, with the following conditions:

On the corresponding sheet of the application for registration shall be a conversion plan to be approved along with the inscription of the producer, who formally commit to the producer under which the start of the conversion to organic production in the latter part of surfaces in the same start as soon as possible and in any event not later than five years,

Measures will be taken to prevent mixing or confusion of the products from these units. The harvest of each of the products concerned will contact the agency or authority with a notice of at least 48 hours. It will use a notebook, according to the model provided by this Council.

Guarantees of control in the industry where products are delivered

It must take steps to ensure at the time of receipt and separation from organic production units in conversion and conventional, either temporarily (various dates), spatially (entry and movement in various places) and / or by identifying industry. They have separate areas or time within the premises for products before and after the operations.

The operations are carried out without the complete run, separated in space of time from similar operations which are carried out conventional to conversion products. This Council will send the appropriate copy (yellow) before 16 calendar days. The handout has been requested to complete the product at the delivery.

Accounting documentation to complete and bring the industry where producers deliver products

Processors, for items sent outside the autonomous region, freight forwarding with numbered declarations (provided by the Council), the original of this document and the copy for the authority or control body will be physically accompanying the consignment, and sent to this Council (yellow) 16 days before. Producers should ensure traceability, or ability to track the path of products through the entire chain of production, processing and distribution. From the information given on labels as presented to the final consumer, and through successive processors or distributors for the product have passed. Traceability checks will be part of what the inspectors do during visits to manufacturers.

The accounting industry should:

  • Be traceable to the supplier of the products
  • Determine the nature, quantity, and use has been made, of agricultural raw material for the production of products subject to certification supervisory authority, which have been delivered to industry
  • Be traceable to the recipients, and where different buyers, from any products subjected to certification by the supervisory authority.
  • The data will be documented for entries, with documents by suppliers and the quarterly statement, and for departures, with traffic of docoments demonstrating the balance between inputs and outputs

Source: Regulatory Board for Organic Agriculture Canary

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1 Reviews about Guarantees control in Organic Agriculture
on 07/10/2014
It is really good to see that gaurantees are being taken seriously, this really does bring more faith and trust in the organic market. I still do believe, however, that "organic" is not the best choice. "organic" farmers can still use "organic" pesticides, and the only way to ensure that our food is chemical free is by growing it ourselves.

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