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Organic agriculture in Murcia

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Organic agriculture in Murcia

Murcia is undoubtedly a region that in recent years has made great strides in organic matter. Taking stock of last year, today we can say that the area under cultivation of organic products exceeded during 2009, 60,000 hectares.

In particular, it reached the 60,740 hectares in the region of Murcia during the past year, an increase of 61.44 percent, rising from the 37,625 hectares that was in 2008 at over 60,000 in 2009.

One of the reasons for this increase has been substantial calls for agro-environment that gives the Ministry of Agriculture and Water, financed with European money, under which "many farmers have decided to do organic farming” said Chairman of the Regional Ecological Agriculture, Emilio Rico.

Rico explained further that "more than a thousand farmers have decided to switch to this method of production," coming so far to 2,500 with 180 businesses. On-year, include the acceleration of the growth of organic area in Murcia. For example, if in 1996 there were 284 hectares for this purpose, in 2007 was already more than 24,000. The more than 60,000 hectares during the past year, moreover, constitute 10% of the cultivable useful area of Murcia.

From the Council consider that the balance is positive, and since most area farmers "are getting organic farming practices, which involve practices that respect the environment and a production well with the maximum guarantee in that it contains no waste".

Also explain that Murcia was a pioneer in organic farming in Spain, while indicating the firm commitment on the part of farmers' organizations, cooperatives, federation of cooperatives, the very Ministry of Agriculture and Water, farmers and the regional government .

Murcia and Organic Farming

The Murcia region has a long tradition in organic farming and has pioneered the production of fruits, vegetables, rice, grapes, almonds and cereals. Already in the seventies began to apply these practices in some plots.

Enjoying the fabulous weather and the quality of the soil along with the expertise of their farmers makes the region an ideal place for practicing organic agriculture.

What is the Council for Organic Farming?

The Organic Farming Council of the Region of Murcia (CAERM) is a public authority which began operating in 2000 as responsible for implementing the control system of Organic Agriculture in our Region. In December 2003, the Council obtained legal personality, established as a public body with financial autonomy and full capacity to act for the exercise of their functions. Its scope is the Autonomous Community of Murcia.

Functions of the Organic Farming

  • Implement, within the scope of its powers, the Control System established by Regulation (EC) 834/2007 and Regulation (EC) 889/2008.
  • To promote knowledge and application of organic production systems.
  • Develop guidelines and proposals for action on agriculture, animal husbandry and processing of organic production.
  • Decide upon agreement or disagreement with the control system operators in organic produce.
  • Ensure the proper use of identification signs.

The organic crop and livestock production is regulated by European legislation (Regulation (EC) 834/2007) which establishes standards of production, labeling and how to control these products from farm to consumer. Controlling what can be done either public or private entities recognized as such in all Member States of the European Union.

Entry in the records of the Council

The Council of organic farming in the Region of Murcia has three records of operators (producers, processing industries and / or packaging and importers). When the file, along with the necessary documentation is received the Council made the visit by a technician who draws up a record and then makes a report, which is evaluated by the Committee and, if favorable rating is issued a certificate by the Certification Committee.

Organic Farming Council of the Region of Murcia
Avenida del Rio Segura, 7 - 30002 Murcia
Tel: 00 34 968 35 54 88 - Fax: 00 34 968 22 33 07

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2 Reviews about Organic agriculture in Murcia
on 15/10/2014
Wow, it really sounds like Spain is making some impressive advancements in the area of agriculture and organic farming. I had no idea they were placing such great emphasis on growing organic agriculture!! That's great, I'd like to tour some of their organic farms some day and see how everything works.
on 06/05/2013
I had visited Murcia and I found it as an amazing place with a lot of variety in products and more, so I?m glad to hear that there are people who want to improve the production of organic fruits and vegetables in this territory, I hope that this initiative keeps on going around the world

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