Tomato consumption increases in Germany Der Verbrauch von Bio-Tomaten steigt in Deutschland El consumo de tomate ecológico aumenta en Alemania

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Tomato consumption increases in Germany

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Tomato consumption increases in Germany

The consumption of organic tomatoes in Germany increased by 28% in the first nine months of 2006 over the same period last year.  The sale growth of tomatoes has been even stronger, in the same time grew by 70%, according to the Central Market and Price Information German (ZMP) in Bonn.

Information also shows the ZMP as the price of organic tomatoes in the period studied fell by 5%. In the case of one species of tomatoes, price decreased by 10% over the same period in 2005.

Tomato is the best-selling vegetable in Germany. In the organic sector tomatoes are the second most popular in Germany after the carrots. The consumption of organic tomatoes represents 2.9% of all tomatoes sold in Germany.

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2 Reviews about Tomato consumption increases in Germany
on 31/10/2015
That's just crazy to me that such a large portion of the organic tomato crop goes to germany, and they're not even considered to have a national/cultural cuisine that include tomatoes, unlike Italy. I would have expected that from Italy, not Germany though!
on 09/12/2013
I figure out that the increase of the production and as well consumption of organic tomato to these days has improved a lot and maybe now there are many more farms dedicated to the production of this important vegetable especially for countries like Germany or others

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