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Organic production of olive in Jaén

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Organic production of olive in Jaén

The Third Congress on Scientific School Ecological approaching sustainable agriculture through an educational program for children in Jaén.

In this context, more than 600 children of school age will participate in a series of educational activities. The conference is directed by the Board and the deputation of Jaén and is targeted at secondary school, Primary and Infant.

During April, more than twenty teachers from different schools in the province will receive training on the consumption of organic products, organic agriculture and sustainable olive production. The aim is to encourage educators to address the research that students presented at this scientific conference school.

In addition, teachers will receive technical advice during the months of April and May, and have three teaching units. One addressed to the youth of secondary education whose content deals with the culture of olive trees and live among the effects of pollution caused by agrochemicals, one for Primary Education which deals with forest trees and olive groves of biodiversity and a third unit for children in kindergarten that focuses on the importance of soil properties is for the development of the olive grove.

Participants in the congress will have to deliver their research to the end of May for an expert committee to evaluate and select those who will be exposed from 3 to June 5 in IFEJ.
In addition to the exhibition of works by students, these days also will be several workshops on organic agriculture and sustainable olive.

Handed diplomas and educational materials to schools and students have taken part in this initiative.

Unify the olive sector

With respect to the olive sector, the Federation of Cooperatives of Jaén thinks that if we do not act immediately, low prices can lead to the ruin of thousands of olive. The idea is to have a greater drive to get the industry to increase the price of

The president of the Andalusian Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives in Jaén Companies, Carazo Paul insists that we need a reaction from the cooperative sector to reverse the trend in prices of olive oil source. Because he believes that this price is very low and this is a problem that, despite the action being carried out by the industry, is not yet solved.

Carazo announced that it is necessary to "act immediately and with all energy." He warns, is to "prevent the ruin of thousands of olive."

He has also expressed the need for the Ministry for Rural Affairs to urge the EU to update and activate the mechanism for private storage of olive oil, which would, in critical situations like the present, to increase liquidity of mills and cooperatives.

We now are 26 cooperatives in the province of Jaen as part of the platform promoted by FAEC, which bring together more than 65 million pounds of olive oil in this campaign. This group, which includes more than eighty cooperatives across Andalucia and Castilla la Mancha, will occur in the 2008-2009 campaign about 160,000 tons of oil.

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1 Reviews about Organic production of olive in Jaén
on 16/10/2014
I just love olive oil! It's definitely my favorite oil to cook with, although buying organic olive oil is definitely a litte out of my price range. I always buy it in bulk at costco, but if it weren't so expensive to buy the "good stuff" I would definitely make the splurge. It sounds like Spain is an excellent producer of olive oil!

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