Ginger treatment for Arthritis, Conjunctivitis, Ulcer, etc.. Ingwer Behandlung für Arthritis, Konjunktivitis, Geschwüre, etc Tratamiento con Jengibre para Artritis, Conjuntivitis, Úlcera, etc.

» » Ginger treatment for Arthritis, Conjunctivitis, Ulcer, etc..

Ginger treatment for Arthritis, Conjunctivitis, Ulcer, etc..

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Ginger treatment for Arthritis, Conjunctivitis, Ulcer, etc..

It tastes as strong as its medicinal properties, so it has been used for a long time ago to treat diseases with astonishing success of all kinds, especially to treat arthritis. It has a very powerful anti-inflammatory power, plus it relieves muscle aches and combat as a strong antioxidant that repair and regenerate damaged tissues and combat skin cancer, it has digestive properties and helps burn fat and more.

Ginger has a very spicy and pungent flavor; the part that is used is its root (rhizome), which is a thick and knotted tuber with white-gray color outside and yellow inside. Its consistency is usually fibrous but juicy. It can be used not only to cure but flavor a long list of preparations which absorb its medicinal powers.

Treatment with Ginger

To gain benefit from the qualities of ginger, it has to be included in the diet in a special way.

First step: fresh ginger

You have to get the ginger as fresh as possible, avoid wrinkled or dried ginger. Try to find organic ginger because it won’t contains pesticides and is grown in a special way to achieve its most optimal quality.

Then, you must wash it very well, use a brush to carve it out and then let it soak in disinfectant, but avoid leaving it more than 20 minutes because otherwise the water will absorb its nutritional components. Thereupon, drain well and keep the ginger in a resalable plastic bag in the refrigerator to keep it fresh for a week.

Second step: accompanying diet

All curative treatment requires a good diet; avoid products that only produce toxins or obstruct the body's healing ability. So during this treatment with ginger, you must avoid white sugar, red meat and animal meats and fats such as fried and excess salt. Avoid all refined products, in addition to lack of nutrients, these products have too many chemicals and additives for their appearance remain "fresh" for long but they won’t. These additives, chemicals, dyes, etc. accumulate over time in the body, eventually acidifying the blood and stop the evacuation of toxins and proper assimilation of nutrients, causing the body to become very hot and generate toxemia, which is the basis of all diseases.

On the other hand, you can start every day by taking warm water; in this case, with ginger (see details in diet). Avoid consumption of proteins combined with carbohydrates and don’t mix fruits with other foods to prevent early fermentation and digestion. Include two liters of pure water a day; it is essential for the proper mobilization of toxins. Include often steamed vegetables and whole grains such as rice or oats; all this prepares the body so in the moment you take the ginger, it reacts in a good way to its properties.

Third step: therapeutic use of ginger

Ginger should be taken like shots of a medicine or tonic.

Ginger Tea: Ginger tea is a great remedy to repair tissues and stimulate sluggish or congested organs like the liver or intestines when these don’t work properly. This tea is best when taken on an empty stomach every day, resting one day a week.

Ginger pieces: Ginger can be split into pieces of the size of half an inch or give bites during the day for five times.

An example is the following diet:

FASTING: Prepare ginger tea and add the juice of a half lemon, Drink in the morning without sugar.
BREAKFAST: Bowl of fruit (preferably papaya or pineapple in case of arthritis, cancer or skin problems), or drink almond milk with granulated oatmeal, sweetened with honey or brown sugar.
You choose but remember to avoid the food isn’t recommended. Try soup or ricewith vegetables, broccoli salad or steamed mixed vegetables.
MID-AFTERNOON: Fresh vegetable juice, granola bar or cereal.
DINNER: Apple salad (great to help sleep), sweet rice with raisins or prunes, or sandwich with vegetables and fresh cheese.

Remember that exercise is essential to eliminate toxins, removing accumulated waste; it promotes good blood circulation and proper distribution of nutrients and oxygen throughout the body.

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2 Reviews about Ginger treatment for Arthritis, Conjunctivitis, Ulcer, etc..
on 19/08/2014
Even more wonderful uses for ginger. I drink ginger tea a lot. It helps with my digestion. I have a really "weak" stomach, and I get stomaches or nausea fairly easy. Any time I eat something that's remotely "unhealthy" my stomach starts to act up. I've gotten into a routine of drinking warm ginger tea with a touch of honey every night before I go to bed. do you have any recipes or ideas on how to crystallize ginger? I've seen it in the store, and even bought it once before, and it's super tasty. I just don't know if it retains a lot of its properties after the processing.
on 22/11/2012
Hey! I love ginger taste and that?s kind of awkward because I don?t know a lot of people that like it. I have heard about the many benefits of this plant, we should try to include it on our diets more often, I?ll do it and see what happens :)

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