Gifts of the Sea for your Health & Beauty Geschenke des Meeres für Ihre Gesundheit & Schönheit Regalos del Mar para tu Belleza y Salud

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Gifts of the Sea for your Health & Beauty

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Gifts of the Sea for your Health & Beauty

Experts in the beauty and health are well aware of the treasures stored in sea to benefit the health and welfare of human beings. The sea is a mineral-rich broth, and many beneficial properties for a multitude of medicinal uses both as aesthetic. The sea, with all its vastness and mystery, is synonymous with healing and beauty. Hippocrates, the Greek physician, claimed in his time that "the sea was the cure of diseases of man."

At present, there is no doubt of the many uses to which they give the marine elements in cosmetics and health.

Seaweed Cosmetics

Cosmetics based in algae are the most prized in the cosmetics industry. The laboratories have been able take advantage of all the extraordinary properties of the algae, and have managed to incorporate a number of compositions for clay, masks, creams, tonics, gels, shampoo, soaps, oils, etc.. These cosmetics contain high levels of sea salt as iodine, magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc, plus vitamins and other substances that nourish and help restore the skin dramatically.

The marine clays are highly effective in treating skin, to exfoliate, nourish and reaffirmed. These masks can be applied throughout the body.

Variety of seaweed

There are many species of algae: to give you an idea, just off the coast of the Iberian Peninsula there are over 800 different varieties. Varieties depend of its proximity to the surface and the light they receive, which are due to different shades that can be classified in:

  • Brown seaweed: used to lose weight, are ideal for regular production of the sebaceous glands, which are used to treat acne.
  • Green Algae: green algae are used to combat cellulite and fluid retention giving excellent results.
  • Red algae: These algae are beneficial for treating gastritis and diarrhea. Have anticoagulant properties.
  • Calcareous Algae.

Algae and skin

Algae, in general, have the property of stopping the erosion of the skin, preventing aging, skin wrinkles and the withers. Many masks are used for different types of skin creams and many are powerful allies of the health and beauty of the face.


Seawater is known for its high medicinal properties, its main components are fluoride, chloride, sodium sulphate, calcium, potassium bromide, barium. These salts are abundant in seawater, and which confers a host of sea water properties such as:

  • Disinfectant
  • Anticoagulant.
  • Antiseptic.
  • Wound healing.
  • Purifies.

Its properties are mainly used for healing wounds, to heal, to fight infections, purify the body in general. The skin also benefits greatly with bathing, because the skin absorbs the water quantity of vitamins and minerals to restore the cells. If we add rubbing with soft sand on the skin will have a complete beauty treatment, because the dead cells fall off and the skin can absorb more force the nutrient water.

Seawater therapy

This is a therapy that uses the marine environment (seawater, seaweed, mud and other substances from the sea), in addition to exploit the marine environment as a therapeutic agent, to provide health and beauty treatments. This therapy is completely natural, water that is collected is used far from shore, then purified and sterilized to ensure the absence of pathogens when applied. It is not a new therapy, since antiquity in Egypt was used and as well in ancient Rome.


It is a natural exfoliating, ideal for cleaning the skin of bacteria, dead cells and dust. It should be used gently rubbing the skin around the body.


In the shell of crustaceans we found in the extract chitin, a protein highly beneficial for skin that is used in the preparation of some moisturizing creams.

Fish oils and Omega-3

Including fish in the diet is something you should not miss. All blue fish such as salmon and tuna, are extremely rich in Omega-3 acids, and contain many vitamins like A, that protect the skin from free radicals. In addition, consumption of fish contributes to tissue regeneration and to maintain the elasticity and smoothness of the skin.

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1 Reviews about Gifts of the Sea for your Health & Beauty
on 12/09/2014
I'm so glad I read this article! I just moved to Southeast Alaska, and we're surrounded by beautiful mountains and ocean. We're living on a small island, so it will be very easy for me to procure some of these items fresh from the ocean. We have a lot of kelp, and I think that counts as a seaweed. Thanks so much!

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