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Get Flat Stomach with Natural Remedies

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Get Flat Stomach with Natural Remedies

Inflammation of the stomach and the gases are produced by the fermentation of food in the gastrointestinal tract. This is a completely natural phenomenon but when the amount of gas is overblown, it can be a symptom of various diseases: dyspepsia, gastritis, hiatal hernia, abnormal relaxation of the pylorus, ulcers, etc.

Gases also occur for other reasons like eating too much, talking too fast, chewing gum, stress or nervousness.

Chewing is essential in this regard: crushed food mixed with saliva begins its transformation so it can be assimilated, if this is done improperly, the entire digestive process can be altered.


Before testing with plants, use the simplest things: walking after eating, massaging the abdomen and taking a yogurt.

  • Walking: do not lie down right after eating, better go for a walk and mobilize food and gas. Note that abdominal muscle contracts and relaxes when walking and this promotes natural bowel movements.
  • Take a massage: provides results similar to those of the walk. Press with the palm of the hand on the belly and move in a circular motion in the direction of clockwise, you'll be fine doing it with almond oil.
  • Consuming yogurt dessert: if you're not lactose intolerant, yogurt may be a good ally, take a yogurt after meals to reduce their bacterial fermentation.
  • Prepare an infusion: chamomile and pennyroyal are plants that help digestion and reduce gas. Put a bag or a tablespoon of dried or fresh plant in a cup and fill with boiling water, cover it, leave infusion about ten minutes and strain. Take 4 per day, pennyroyal should be limited to two weeks in a row and keep in mind that it is contraindicated during pregnancy and in cases of heavy menstrual periods, chamomile infusion can take it when you need it.

Plants vs. swelling

Most of the plants can be used as carminative, i.e. which facilitate digestion and promote the expulsion of gases from the digestive system, as the essential oils are part of their chemical composition.

  • Anise: use the infusion of fruit for ten minutes, the recommended amount is three to five grams, what is the equivalent of two or three teaspoons per day divided into two or three cups, taken after meals. Treatment should not extend more than a week away.
  • Lemon balm: take the leaves and flowers about to open, is mildly sedative digestive and carminative, so it is fine if the gases and inflammation are due to nervousness; it is used as an infusion.
  • Star Anise: The recommended dose is about 3 grams of fruit a day, ten-minute infusion. It's best to have a cup after lunch and dinner to a week continuously. These plants can be alternated with each other to extend the treatment time and always have noticed improvement but if the swelling persists or worsens you should consult your doctor.

Other remedies for bloating

  • Charcoal and clays: act like a sponge, absorbing everything in its path including intestinal gas and bacteria that cause fermentation whereby the problem is two-pronged. It is usually sold in capsules and the dose varies depending on the laboratory.
  • Yoga: irritable bowel syndrome, stress or an almost permanent nervous state, for example, benefit from breathing exercises aimed at relaxation. Yoga, tai-chi or meditation help a lot, but some simple deep breathing exercises are also effective. Put yourself in a quiet place, get comfortable sitting or lying, and breathe only through your nose filling your lungs full, carries air into the stomach and expel it slowly. Try not to think about anything else other than your own breath. Perform this exercise 10 minutes when you feel very sore or occasionally, and see how improvements gradually.

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2 Reviews about Get Flat Stomach with Natural Remedies
on 15/08/2014
Wow, these are all such excellent tips and pieces of advice. I'm so glad I read this article. I have a pretty delicate digestino, and frequently get strange reactions from foods that...well, really from foods I shouldn't be eating anyway, but it's good to know that there are so many remedies I can use to calm abdominal inflammation. I do alreayd massage my stomach when it seems to get inflated, and that actually helps quite a bit. I'll be sure to have some of those herbs on stock for next time.
on 03/05/2013
Hey, I tend to suffer from bloating and swelling every time I eat and I don?t know what to do, the pain is stronger every time, Should I consult a doctor? Or those remedies could help me? Well, I?m going to see if the herbs can help me but if they don?t I?m going to the hospital right away

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