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Geo-bio construction

The geo-bio-construction takes effect when considering construction systems consistent with the current requirements, without giving up the progress, but without losing any time in the ultimate goal is the health and overall well-being of those who make use of such housing.

Healthy Housing will submit the following: Site selection and assessment, guidance and proper use of passive energy, harmonious and integrated into the local landscape or architecture, healthy building materials (not toxic or radioactive), building systems, thermal comfort, heating, cooling and insulation, acoustic comfort, harmony of color and decoration (light and color), electrical installation and air quality, among others.

The goal we set since our inception and has managed to carry out studies is custom houses in all variants with a preliminary outlook for color, to set the house to the client before preparing the final draft and enter into higher costs.

The house is compared to a body, and materials with the skin, such as ours that performs functions essential for life: it protects, insulates, breathes, absorbs, evaporates, regulates and communicates. It takes into account the design of the building that meets our physical needs, and spiritual life.

Its materials, services, color and aroma must interact harmoniously with us and the environment. This exchange between the exterior and the interior is based on a porous skin to maintain a healthy and lively atmosphere.

Bio-construction Criteria

This letter comes in response to the increasing deterioration of our environment, in an attempt to help develop a "global conscience" to the point where everyone can feel like a cosmic enzyme of this cell called Earth, where everything is so interconnected and interdependent so that, inevitably, our society is developing as a result of the amount of development of each of the individuals who compose it, reflected in their respect for the environment both in terms, let’s say, with respect to physical beings that inhabit it.

We must be aware (and it is our responsibility to future generations) that everything that makes a living being passed on to others, so that an action is never isolated but has reactions, tangible or no, more or less time, in everything that surrounds it, extending its effect in the same way that the waves cause a stone dropped in water. Thus all our actions are important, affecting the rest of the beings and the planet and have an impact far beyond them.

This awareness that the planet is our home and it is our responsibility to care for, preserves and keeps it and the beings who inhabit it in optimum condition to produce health and happiness, it must go translucent in all human activity.

The act of build generates a large impact on the environment around us. The bio-construction aims at minimizing the extent possible to help create a sustainable development that does not exhaust the planet but is generator and regulator of the resources used in achieving a healthy habitat and in harmony with the rest. Housing must adapt to us as a skin, should seek shelter and health.


01 - Location.
02 - Integration into your neighborhood.
03 - Customized design according customer needs.
04 - Adequate distribution of spaces.
05 - Use of healthy and biocompatible materials.
06 - Optimization of natural resources.
07 - Implementation of systems for energy saving.
08 - Equipment of low impact.
09 - Program for treatment of the wastewater.
10 - User manual for use and maintenance


It avoid the proximity of sources of electrical and electromagnetic pollution as well as chemical and noise, such as polluting factories, power transformers, laying of high tension, great routes, etc ..., as the settlement of fault or water currents.

It also must be avoided in places where the action of man can threaten any given ecosystem.
And always avoid the modification of the natural magnetic field.

Integration into your neighborhood:

Given the morphology of the ground, adjacent buildings, the traditional architectural styles of the area, include vegetation and harmony of the place in constructive ways.

Custom Design:

According to user needs, so the housing is adapted to develop and serve it their way of life. Seeking, to the extent possible, ensure the "waveform", avoiding the overly straight, with pronounced corners. The lights can save big with arches, domes, and so on.

Adequate distribution of spaces:

On bioclimatic considerations, energy-saving and functional. Taking into account a good direction: south glazing (with walls and floors of high thermal inertia) and placement of little use to the North (garages, pantries ,...), devoting special attention to the study of resting places.

Healthy job with biocompatible and hygroscopic materials:

To facilitate the exchange of moisture between the housing and the atmosphere, housing must breathe.

  • Materials must be at least raw material as possible and be prepared as close as possible to the work (using resources in the area). It must be free of harmful elements such as asbestos, chlorine, and more specifically, PVC, used a very common today.
  • Sanitation ducts of large diameter can be ceramic, rubber connections and small diameter, AD-PE instead of PVC. With these materials, the pipes are more stable, flexible, durable and less noisy.
  • For electrical conduits, and cables on the market and halogen-free PVC.
  • In structural elements, we use natural cements or hydraulic lime. The use of steel should be restricted to essential and must be properly grounded derivative. And construction systems should be adequate. Today much of the abuse of reinforced concrete structural elements such as beams and pillars, where in many cases they can be replaced by arches and vaults.

Optimization of natural resources:

Harnessing sunlight (isolation), natural air conditioning, water savings, rainwater harvesting, introduction of renewable energy use in this location.

Implantation of systems for energy:

Use of Bioclimatic, through passive solar systems, galleries controlled ventilation systems, water plant temperature and humidity.

Eaves designed properly, perennial vegetation of North and South. Equipment furniture of ergonomic configuration and low-impact, low electrical consumption and zero or low emissivity electromagnetic ion, microwave, etc. with a touchdown right to avoid emitting harmful gases and elements that are natural enclosures. It must take into account not only the optimal provision of furniture, but also its own geometric shape and contour for that purpose and also provide a useful waveform according to environment.

Program of the wastewater treatment:

And / or cleaning spills. Segregation of waste at source, recycling program for solid-envelopes and for composting organic.

Purification of waste water for further use in irrigation. In places with serious shortages of water systems must incorporate organic dehydration or dry toilets with composting program later.

User manual for use and maintenance:

In which details the actions to be performed by the user and the maintainer should perform the work.

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2 Reviews about Geo-bio construction
on 08/10/2014
I am SUPER excited to see things like this taking a foothold. I just recently moved to Alaska however, and here in the southeast we have a very particular, and extremely difficult climate to "deal" with. It is beautiful here, but there are a lot of things that aren't practical for life here. Do you have any suggestions of how to integrate this into a very wet, cold, and dark climate?
on 06/01/2014
Those facts and characteristics of this system are very good indeed and should be applied in all the new constructions, and this should be done immediately in all the places that need it or do not need it! And now there are many things that we can do to stop damaging the environment

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