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Garlic and Skin: Fungus, Dermatitis, Itching

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Garlic and Skin: Fungus, Dermatitis, Itching

Do you have skin problems?  Fungus and skin marks? Dermatitis and rosacea?  Do you get a lot of break outs, rashes, or itching problems?  Skin health can be achieved on a deep and permanent level by medicinal usage of garlic.  It can be used in lots of different ways, so long as it contains sufficient properties and vitamins to help the skin.


  • Is the strongest natural antibiotic around
  • Softens skin, making if firmer and more resistant
  • Is formed in bulbs and contains oil (allyl sulfate) which stimulates stomach and intestinal secretions that promote health.
  • Has the most powerful antioxidant properties of all foods.  It helps regenerate, repair and heal damaged tissues and cells, or those that are aged or weakened.
  • Has emollient effects.
  • Is an extraordinary diuretic.
  • Has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect
  • Activates the body’s defenses naturally.
  • Is wonderful for fighting all sorts of infections.
  • Has fungicide properties, which means that it helps to eliminate skin fungus.

How to use garlic to heal skin

Garlic can be used either by taking it orally, as an infusion, or by applying it in certain ways topically to the skin.

If you feel like your skin is damaged, aging, easily breaks out, itches, is inflamed, red, etc., apply these remedies and follow this diet.

Why does skin become ill?

Primarily because the blood is highly acidic, which means that there are a lot of toxins circulating within.  Ph levels need to be neutralized, which has become acidic primarily due to foods ingested that create a lot of toxins, or because of lack or relaxation or rest, etc.  Emotional stress and lack of rest also reduce cellular and tissue repair.

To treat the skin, you need to start by adding alkaline foods to your diet that help balance pH levels.  Garlic is a good choice.

Diet with garlic to strengthen skin

Before breakfast, drink one large glass of warm water and squeeze the juice from one lemon into it.  Take one clove of garlic that is neither too spicy nor too strong in taste.  Use a small clove, about the size of your pinky, and chew it while drinking the water.

Then wait for 15 minutes and eat a large plate of papaya or pineapple with raw oats on top, along with one spoonful of chia seeds (this is great for skin) and linseed.  While on this diet, avoid all kinds of refined flour, white sugar and cow’s milk (light, skimmed, etc.)  Also avoid irritants, like vinegars, spicy food and red meat.

For lunch, include a large salad with sprouts and different, fresh vegetables.  Add a small clove of raw, diced garlic to it.  Using onion is also a great accompaniment for having beautiful skin.  If you don’t like the smell of garlic at this time of the day, take the clove of garlic at night for dinner.  For this, we recommend eating vegetable or lentil soup and adding diced garlic to it.  It must be raw, not cooked.

Try to include at least 3 small cloves of garlic a day, as if it were a medicinal pill.  This will be your medicine until you heal.

How long should I follow the diet?

Depending on your skin problem, continue the diet.  If you have a severe or chronic problem, like dermatitis, rosacea, skin ulcers, etc., or if you have fungus or acne, follow the diet for 6 months.  Be patient and try to trust that your skin needs deep healing.  The garlic is working.  Also, use the remedies suggested below.

If your problem is related to minor outbreaks or a condition that is not too serious, without severe symptoms, follow this diet for three months, or until you see results.

Garlic paste

Garlic paste is a wonderful way of healing outbreaks, boils, pimples, ulcers, skin marks and scars.  And all you need to do is crush up some garlic really well.  Always try to use fresh, organic garlic, do not use transgenic products that severely damage the body and nature.

Garlic paste for fungus: crush the garlic with two tablespoons of organic garlic oil and half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder.  Mix everything together and apply to the fungus, be it on the nails, the face, the body, etc.  If your fungus is in a delicate fold, like the anus or the genitals, you should not use garlic on it.  Rather, use coconut and cinnamon, and follow the garlic diet.

Garlic paste and lemon for outbreaks, boils, acne and pimples: crush up two cloves of soft, fresh garlic, and add a few drops of lemon juice.  Whenever the paste is well mixed into a cream, apply directly to the outbreak.

Rest and Emotional Work

Rest is a key factor for the success of healing diets.  When resting, cells repair, regenerate, and renew themselves.  If you don’t sleep or rest well, either due to stress, too many activities, or insomnia, your skin will be the first to show it.

Keep in mind that stress is also one of the primary reasons that the skin have problems, along with repressed, denied, or misunderstood emotions, like anger, rage, etc.  These emotions irritate the body, and sometimes, when they are pushed aside, or misunderstood, they can create a special type of skin stress.  Unspoken anger, wanting to get close to someone but not being able to, rejections that make you feel bad, vulnerable, or reactive to what other people say or do, are some of the deepest causes of skin problems, or of highly sensitive skin.

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2 Reviews about Garlic and Skin: Fungus, Dermatitis, Itching
on 05/11/2016
wow, this sounds like a wonderful easy natural treatment. can you tell me what evidence you have for this diet?
on 04/01/2016
Hai I am OK.I have pimples on my face what can I use to take them away.
Many thanks

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