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Garlic: An ingredient for your Health

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Garlic: An ingredient for your Health

Garlic is a plant which belongs to the lily family. It has long, flat leaves and is quite narrow; it is bulb-shaped with cloves grouped and individually enclosed by a white crust that clothes each clove like a cocoon. It is native to Europe and China, but its cultivation and use has spread worldwide.

The best climate for growing garlic is in a mild environment and its cultivation is relatively easy because it usually shoots to flower in no time. Spring and Summer are the most favourable seasons for cultivating garlic as when there are frosts the bulbs can be negatively affected.

During the Middle Ages, it was believed that the smell of garlic from the Crusaders had the property to keep away the Muslims. The healing benefits found within garlic were well appreciated by the Egyptians who used it as a deworming remedy, as well as to help reduce blood pressure and even combat rheumatism, among many other medicinal uses.

Garlic has been considered a friend of good health since ancient times and even has been attributed various mystical properties, like the ability to keep demons away. However, due to its intense aroma it is often rejected in large quantities in cooking, favouring a more subtle dose to produce underlying flavour in recipes.

Medicinal Uses

Garlic has been used to treat many different conditions throughout history and is perhaps one of the most used natural remedies. Some of its properties and medicinal uses are as follows:

  • It is attributed to combat intestinal parasites
  • Useful against colds
  • Microbicide
  • Tones the body
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis Remedy
  • It is considered beneficial for people with diabetes
  • Helps fight coughs
  • Reduces inflammation of colitis
  • Recommended to treat infections
  • It is hypotensive and therefore helps to lower blood pressure
  • Promotes proper liver function
  • Useful for bladder ailments
  • Recommended for varicose veins
  • Promotes good circulation and has anticoagulant properties
  • Prevents certain types of cancer

In relation to this last feature, recent research attributed to allicin, a substance found in garlic, found it to produce an important protective effect against the development of cancer and tumors. Research in mice has proven allicin as useful in preventing the growth of tumors. This substance in Garlic is also an excellent antioxidant.

Appropriate consumption of garlic

To take advantage of its properties, it is important to consume raw, because cooked garlic can lose up to 90 % of its properties.

For filletingm you can consume garlic into thin slices , and add to salads , or juices that contain pumpkin, beets, spinach, lemon, celery, tomato and others. You can also crush and add it as part of a dressing in salads or on bread, goes well with a little olive oil.

Starches , such as potatoes, do not allow proper digestion of garlic , hindering its development and causing unpleasant symptoms of indigestion, and belching.

Warnings about garlic

Garlic warnings are related to its anticoagulant properties as its excessive use can promote bleeding. It is not recommended for people who are under treatment with anticoagulants.

Patients who have undergone recent surgery or dental procedures should avoid eating garlic to avoid increasing the risk of bleeding.

Another consideration that must be taken into account before consuming large amounts of garlic is that it can interfere with the uptake of iodine, so if you suffer from thyroid disease, it is recommended to consult your physician prior to consumption .

Despite its benefits for diabetics and hypertension, you should consult a specialist especially if you are undergoing pharmacological treatment.

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6 Reviews about Garlic: An ingredient for your Health
on 14/03/2016
Garlic is a simply fantastic ingredient and can be used to treat SO many ailments, as outlined in this article. Apart from having a really fantastic flavour, garlic can also help with colds and flu, coughs, digestive issues and can even help to combat fleas and other parasites on your pets - just put some chopped garlic cloves mixed with some tasty meat and they will eat it all up! The strong smell is SO worth it.
on 19/07/2014
Garlic is the best!! Not only is it sooo tasty and delicious, like the article says, it can be extremely medicinal. Ayurvedic medicine references garlic as part of the trinity of health, along with onions and ginger. I've been known to chop up garlic into bite size pieces, and swollow it when I have a cold. it does wonders for healing the body.
on 06/10/2013
I have the taste of garlic in certain preparations like meat and other things like for example mashed potatoes, as it gives a nice taste but if combined with other herbs, the garlic by itself is pretty strong and I am not sure if I could eat it as it is, that could be weird for me
on 05/10/2013
I was wondering if there is a way of consuming garlic without feeling the strong taste, maybe something that you can add to it to dissapear the smell and strong taste, because I want to indlude it in the moring but I just can't, the smell makes me crazy and then I even want to throw up so please help me out!
on 23/09/2013
Today my father recommended me having some garlic with milk to vure my flu but I'm not sure if this remedy really works, well, looking at the benefits of the garlic, it seems like real remedy but just thinking in the taste it makes me feel uncorfotable, I should try anyway if I really want to be better for tomorrow
on 14/09/2013
Let me tell you that including garlic in my diet very often was one of the best decisions I have ever made, I mean now I have avoided all the colds even though my family had them, so I think I have got great results including this amazing medicinal ingredient.

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