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Gaining weight naturally

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Gaining weight naturally

Do you feel that you are under weight? Are your legs and arms very thin? Does your body look flat and without proportions? Do not hesitate and try these tips, you will definitely be amazed.

The first thing you should consider before starting a routine to gain weight is that each body has different metabolisms and constitutions. There are bodies that are leaner by nature than others, as well as more robust. This is mainly due to the skeletal structure of the body (the size of the bones) and body mass index that everybody possesses, and which can be modified according to diet and exercise.

We are going to focus on the last point, even though we cannot give new dimensions to the bones, if you maintain a consistent diet and exercise routine, your body will be more voluptuous and harmonious.

The first: diet

The diet is certainly the key to weight gain. But don’t eat everything, because if you eat and eat, the toxins could accumulate in the womb, which will not be pleasant or healthy. Also, consider that if your bowels are not very clean or refined, nutrients that you eat are not absorbed well, and although you eat a lot, you will only accumulate toxins in your body and exaggerate the abdomen, in addition to your tissues will be flabby.

Although it seems contradictory, you must start with a cleansing diet to you help your intestines to eliminate what you do not need and put them in the best position to absorb nutrients. What I recommend is that during a full day just consume grapes or papaya (choose only one fruit) and eat it all day along with two liters of water. The fruit will be your only food on this day of cleaning; you can eat all you want. Before starting the elimination diet, while fasting, take a spoonful of extra virgin olive oil. Then start with fruit and water. If you feel any symptoms during the diet, such as stomach pain, diarrhea, constipation, tummy ache, etc. do not worry, the fruit is cleansing your body.

At the end of the day cleaning, start the diet to gain weight. It is important to begin the day with a warm glass of pure water with the juice of half a lemon squeezed. Wait 10 minutes and then yes, eat!

Diet and meals

You need to make several meals a day with less food. We recommend five meals a day with some snacks. Here is an example of a diet:


Bowl of cereal with either vegetable milk of almonds, soybeans, walnuts, etc. Add a teaspoon of chia or chopped almonds. At this point it is good to consume yeast, about three pills before eating. You can also eat a toast, cake or egg omelletes, quesadillas, etc. The only rule is to avoid fruit at this time. Eat one, two hours after eating.


Vegetarian sandwich or vegetarian wheat pizza with cheese.


Vegetable soups or broth, tuna croquettes or vegetables, rice or pasta, etc. The rule at the time of eating is to eat a dish cooked with fresh vegetable salad.


A fruit with some cereal.


A fish with salad, pasta, grains, seafood soup, etc. Take three tablets of brewer's yeast (or check the suggested dose).


Vegetable milk, bread, vegetarian sandwich, pancakes, etc.

Foods and supplements that you should include with your diet:

  • Brewer's yeast
  • Chia
  • Almonds, walnuts, peanuts, pistachios, etc.. (Ideal between meals, especially cereal bars)
  • Flax
  • Whole bread (at least 3 or 4 pieces a day)
  • Plenty of pure water (2 liters a day)
  • Oils and vegetable milks
  • Avocado, soybeans and derivatives, amaranth, etc.


The previous diet should be combined with a series of exercises to stimulate the muscles. We recommend a guided weight routine and appropriate to the needs of each person. The arm and leg routines will certainly help to give them more voluptuous proportions.


Up and down stairs is one of the best exercises for the legs. You can start up 20 or 30 steps, make sets of 3, and then go up two by two, to give strength to the muscles. Squats and dancing also help.


In addition to diet and exercise, practice special chest exercises to give a more firm appearance. The breast is adipose tissue that can hardly be increased, but you can tone muscles in the periphery.


Squats and climbing stairs are a great help. But also practice dorsal exercises and weightlifting with legs. There are special exercises for the buttocks in addition to giving a good outline to help them increase volume. A good exercise is to sit and tighten buttocks while sitting.


  • Avoid being too tense or worried, because it spends a lot of calories! Try to relax and rest properly.
  • Start the diet and routine because you want it, not to be accepted by others. It is important that you learn to love you and your body, avoiding reject or criticize.

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3 Reviews about Gaining weight naturally
on 15/07/2014
wow! this is actually a really good article! I'm really glad that you started out the article by emphasizing the different body constitutions. In fact just this morning I had a doctors appointment, and according to the BMI scale I am "under weight", but the doctor expressed excitement and enthusiasm to the fact that I maintained regular exercise and healthy diet choices. I'm reading a book that talks about the errors of defining yourself according to the pre-established cut-and-dry BMI image, and I heartily agree. No one else can tell you how healthy and strong you feel..and this comes in all shapes and sizes.
on 26/05/2014
I would like to have the body of the guy in the picture but that's like being a photoshoped image, no thanks... lol
on 18/12/2012
Hello I?m trying to gain some weight in my legs because they are so thin, people think that they may get broken sometime!, just kidding,. But I did try the exercises explained here and I didn?t get good results, maybe I should change the diet as well.

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