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Fungi in the face: treatment and secrets to heal your skin

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Fungi in the face: treatment and secrets to heal your skin

Creams, ointments, and tablets and you still cannot remove the mushrooms in your face? They go away but come back again? Is your skin tired of treatments? If you really want to say goodbye to fungi and restore the health and beauty of your face, before following any treatment, you need to know some secrets of the skin and why fungi are generated.

Pharmaceutical treatments

The problem with pharmaceutical treatments, tablets, ointments and more is that they just focus on treating a symptom and don’t cure the root that causes the fungus. That's why you may notice that skin heals, but after a while, it gets worse. If you focus only on removing the symptoms, then there isn’t a complete cure, and the fungus will not go away.

Why fungi appear in the face?

Fungi are a health problem that affects the skin and mucous membranes anywhere in the body. When attacking the facial skin, they often cause a little more concern as this represents a conflict not only about health but aesthetic.

The main causes of the fungus on the face are:

  • If there are problems in the intestines, the skin will have them too. If there are toxins accumulated in the intestine and aren’t evacuated efficiently, these will be reabsorbed by the blood and travel through the body going out through the skin. Thus, the skin begins to become sensitive to suffer all kinds of conditions, including infections and fungi.
  • A weakened immune system: if the immune system is functioning improperly, the low defenses allow the body and skin to host harmful organisms. The immune system is weakened mainly by poor diet and too much stress, pressure and constant anger.
  • Improper diet: too much junk food, fats, processed sugars and refined flours are a poison to the body, since they contain no nutritional value and only cause the body to store much waste matter which, with body heat, it decomposes and creates a perfect environment to harbor bacteria, viruses and diseases.
  • Emotions: the face talks about what we feel deeply. Infections in the face talk that maybe there are certain situations in our environment that may make us feel anxious or threaten us. These situations cause internal stress which tense facial muscles and prevents proper absorption of nutrients and blood flow, this makes skin prone to getting infections.

How to cure facial fungus?

Now, after reading the above, do something: Imagine that your immune system is weak, your intestines are full of toxins, your face is tense, and you apply an ointment to cure the fungi. Do you think it will work? The ointment serves as a fungicide, and perhaps removes them at the moment. But if you do not correct the causes, the problem will persist and worsen, because the fungi are only the result of an internal imbalance.

Natural Treatment:

If you want to eradicate them, it is necessary to seek a deep cure, not only a small treatment. So, perhaps the process is a little slower, but you must not despair because it really worthwhile.

Cleansing diet:

The first thing to do is get on a diet for three days, eating only these foods:

  • Citrus fruits while fasting which are excellent body cleanser. It is best to drink the juice of one juicy lime dissolved in a cup of warm green tea.
  • Fruits and whole grains, your breakfast should consist of acidic fruits like pineapple. Eat a bowl and wait about ten minutes for the pineapple makes its cleaning effect. Then, eat a bowl of oatmeal or brown rice. This will help to heal and purify the blood in the guts. A clean and healthy blood makes a beautiful and healthy complexion. You can also eat papaya, grapes, oranges or berries, which are excellent for cleaning and repairing the skin.
  • Vegetables, soups, fish, and salads should not miss in your diet. Always combine a soup with a salad or fish with vegetable juice.
  • Between meals, make fruit juices or eat cereal bars without refined sugar.
  • The alga spirulina, brewer's yeast, evening primrose oil and virgin olive are supplements that should be in your diet.
  • Garlic: is the number one natural remedy to fight infection, it has potent fungicidal, bactericidal and cleansing effects. Take one raw garlic at dinner with a glass of warm water daily.
  • Do not eat: processed food, sugary, dairy animal or fried meats.


  • Do not scratch the skin as this will only hurt. Better apply garlic tea towels over your face every time you feel burning. Once you apply the tea, dry immediately.
  • When you dry your skin, do it with cotton and only begin rubbing the affected areas to prevent spread.
  • Do not use makeup! This is the worst thing for a skin fungus. Leave your face natural.
  • Herbal Medicine: herbs to treat skin fungi are oregano, thyme and savory. Clean your skin with herbal water.
  • Stress plays an important part in the healing process, practice activities such as yoga or a sport you enjoy to help you slacken your body.
  • Drink at least two liters of water a day to keep the body well hydrated and clean.
  • Apply green clay mask on your face two or three times a week. Clay is one of the best remedies against fungi and skin problems.

Please note:

You're in a healing process, so please be patient and trust that all these remedies, combined with diet, will heal you sooner or later. So insist until you see results.

If at first you see that by making the diet there are some symptoms and the thing seems to get worse, do not panic. This process is called healing crisis and is normal as the body is in a deep cleaning process.

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14 Reviews about Fungi in the face: treatment and secrets to heal your skin
on 13/03/2018
You don't know what you are talking about.

It comes back because bits of it live in isolated patches under the skin.

The way to remove it is to scratch the bump to expose it, keep putting cream on the scab area, scratch the scabs off and put cream on that area again. Eventually that area heals, and it takes a long time.

Diet won't fix it.

on 11/12/2017
This is dumb. Fungus is caused by fungus. Not diet. You get it by catching it. It is like athlete's foot on the face. Nothing to do with what you eat.

on 13/03/2018
At least someone who knows what they are talking about.
on 15/11/2017
I have been too homeopathic doctor
Below my mouth there is black heads besides nose too from 3 to 4 months i have applied marks go cream but it wont work and doctor said you are suffering from fungal infection please suggest? ?

on 03/09/2016
Very caring and intelligent, and I will try your recommendations.

English could be better - but it's quite good.

on 31/08/2016
How can I treat fungle infections in the face, am worried. Help me please
on 07/04/2016
Great article.Face fungi really embarrassing . My friend face is effected by fungi. Doctor advise her to clean her face always & give a ointment to apply on effected area . I use organic face wash.Thanks for your info.
on 24/03/2016
HI I have a fungal infection on my face. I am 6 Months pregnant. and my doctor has advised me not to take any other tablets during pregnancy for skin. and My dermatologist has given me one soap and ointment to apply on the skin. Can i try some home remedies such as having yogurt or applying yogurt on the infected area. also i dont know whether the infection is because of the heavy does of medicines which i have every day during my pregnancy . also i take thyroid medicines in the morning and the rest of the pregnancy vitamin and folic acid medicines. my all reports are normal
on 01/03/2015
I've actually never had this on the face, although I could imagine you woudl have to treat this in a fairly more delicate fashion than any other area of the body. I've had a fungus on my hand before, and it sounds so gross to say...I got a pharmaceutical cream for it, and that was actually a terrible idea.
on 12/12/2014
Hello, Going through the passage I feel I am not sure what my problem is as a friend of mine told me that I have fungus that is developing on my face. I at first thought it was just scraches but now they are increasing and I feel she was right. What should I do about this problem, please advise.
on 14/11/2014
I believe I have s fungus on my face but I eat healthy, work out, drink water all day long, and I don't believe I am stressed. I will do a body cleanse but I have done them in the past and this never really went away. I hardly ever get sick si I don't think it is immune problem. And it does not itch at all.
on 30/07/2015
Hi Jackie, I'm having the same issue--I believe I'm experiencing a facial fungus despite eating healthy, working out every morning, and drinking lots of water. I'm an engineering student so I'm accustomed to a stressful lifestyle and I've never had a breakout like this before. How did you solve your issue?
on 06/03/2013
Great article, will certainly try it then I will give you update soon...
Great Work, GOD bless you.

on 21/01/2013
Hello I went to my doctor today and he told me that I may have skin fungi but first I need to do some tests, I?m going to receive the results in 2 days and well, it?s good to know that it?s better to attack the problem by improving the normal habits of lifestyle instead of buying rare and expensive treatments.

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