Fungal skin: Natural treatment to eradicate Pilzinfektionen der Haut: natürliche Behandlung zur Ausrottung Hongos en la Piel: Tratamiento Natural para erradicarlos

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Fungal skin: Natural treatment to eradicate

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Fungal skin: Natural treatment to eradicate

The fungi on the skin may appear for various reasons, often annoying and in different forms. To learn how to eradicate the fungus on the skin naturally, here is a comprehensive orientation to eliminate it. So get to work and say goodbye to that problem, there are many very effective natural remedies to fight them.

How to completely cure fungus on the skin?

Before you start any treatment, the fungus should be treated from its roots, not just controlled, as ointments, gels, and other conventional drugs do. We need to strengthen the immune system and correct the causes that predispose. Otherwise, the problem is only controlled but not cured, and then the appearance of fungus will be intermittent and may even worse, which can lead to more heavy doses of drugs and a weak immune system.

Causes of fungi

To combat the fungus, we must know the causes to know their weaknesses. So let's see, the fungus may appear on your skin for the following reasons:

  • Infection due to a weak immune system: You cannot get sick if your immune system is strong, so if someone has been infected, the immune weakness also contributed to this contagion. So check  how to increase the defenses.
  • Excessive moisture: Moisture in the body is the best environment for fungal growth.
  • Increased sebum (as in the case of tinea)
  • Poor diet: a deficient or neglected diet causes the body's defenses down and accumulate many toxins, resulting in a very favorable environment for the growth of bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc..
  • Low intake of vitamin C and A
  • Emotions of stress and anxiety weaken the immune system and skin.
  • Lack of hygiene in the body.


  • Spots or blemishes on the skin that may have different sizes, which appear with a thin scaly skin, may appear white, pink, dark brown, and more.
  • Spots or rings on the reddish skin.
  • Itching in the affected area.
  • Degradation of the skin and sometimes smell.

Herbal treatments (herbal medicine against skin fungi), diet and more:

Garlic: garlic, taken and applied in the area, is one of the best natural remedies to combat fungi. When taken, it is an excellent anti-fungal, cleans the blood and guts, which is essential to eliminate and eradicate the fungus. Garlic strengthens the immune system defenses and removes toxins from the body, plus it is the best natural penicillin. Take a garlic fasting or in the evening daily, and sip a glass of water and a squeeze of lemon. To avoid the sharp smell, eat a few sprigs of parsley after you have eaten it. Crushed garlic compresses on the affected area are very good too. For this, crush raw garlic and wrap in clean small gauze applying over the affected area. Leave a few minutes and then remove the gauze, but do not wash the area.

Aloe vera is one of the best plants against fungi. To take advantage of it, apply over the affected area. You can cut a piece of the plant and apply directly on top of the area, and let dry. Apply several times a day.

Sea salt: give taps with sea salt in water several times a day. Dissolve a teaspoon of sea salt in a glass of water and apply on affected area several times a day.

Sea water: sea water is one of the best medicines to combat fungi. If you are near the sea, do not hesitate to bathe in it. Try to keep the area dry.


Avoid drinking cow's milk and all its derivatives, as well as red meat, sugar and white flour, which only stuck and do not nourish the bowel, predisposing the body to more fungi. Increase the fresh vegetable juice in the mornings as citrus which help strengthen and cleanse the body's defenses in depth. I recommend to drink a lemon juice dissolved in green tea while fasting, and do not eat anything before it within 20 minutes. The carrot juice, alfalfa or aloe are great as well. Drink it unsweetened and fresh.

Emergency Diet

If fungi do not subside, get on a diet of two days eating only pineapple, orange or grapes and two liters of pure water only. You can eat all the fruit you want, but choose only one.

Drink plenty of water: two liters of pure water a day. No sodas or sweetened drinks. The best thing to cleanse the body is pure water.

Oregano is a very useful remedy to eliminate fungus. You can use its oil and apply on affected area, or preparing an infusion of oregano and apply like a bath.


Maintain a balanced emotional world. Too much stress is actually harmful to the body in general, as lower the body's defenses. So try to read books to overcome these attitudes.

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4 Reviews about Fungal skin: Natural treatment to eradicate
on 20/08/2014
Man! I really wish I had read this article a few years ago. When I was abroad in Argentina I developed this weird rash on my knuckles between the ring and middle finger. It was really dry, chapped skin, and it itched so bad I something accidentally made it start bleeding. It hung around for a really long time, so I went to the doctor and he gave me some sort of strange, white cream. It was pharmaceutical, and still didn't imrpove it. Eventually it just went away, but I think its disappearance had more to do with dietary improvements than anything.
on 04/05/2014
on 23/04/2013
I mix your Plunkett's 99% Pure Aloe Vera (100g) with thursday plantation eucalyptus oil (10g) and tea tree (10g) to make a thick cream that I apply twice a day for my tinea versicolor (a fungal rash triggered by heat). I have tried many products (e.g. selsun blue, pevaryl) over the years with some success but the rash always returned. This new mixture works brilliantly, I think I will have to try some of these diet Idea's to make sure it dosent return and but the immune system.
on 07/01/2013
Good article! Fungus can become a real problem if it?s not treated so I really recommend following these indications. I had problems time ago but a friend told me about some natural treatments and now the fungus has gone and it won?t come back for sure!

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