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Territori i Paisatge Foundation

Territori i Paisatge Foundation promotes projects for the recovery of native breeds, highlighting “Ganadero” Park, its farm in Alinyà Mountain.

Territori i Paistage Foundation of the Caixa Catalunya does social work for the conservation of natural heritage, landscape and cultural environment that surrounds us. In this context, one of its main priorities is the recovery and conservation of indigenous domestic breeds.

“Ganadero” Park in Alinyà, a reserve of breeds 

The Territori i Paisatge Foundation, in this regard, lies in the management of the “Ganadero” Park, project to conserve indigenous breeds in the mountains. It is located on the farm property of the Territori i Paistage Foundation of the Caixa Catalunya in Mountain Alinyà (Alt Urgell), managed by the Foundation. Already, several sheep, Rasquera goats, white Pyrenees Celtiberian, Pyrenean Mountain Dog, dog breed mastiff-Leon, Catalans horses and donkeys are part of it.

Other driven projects for the conservation of native breeds 

Territori i Paistage Foundation of the Caixa Catalunya, in addition, through its aid, drives from creation projects aimed at enhancing the conservation of landraces and livestock paths. This is the case Transhumance Project, an initiative of the Association Transhumance and Natura, which is supported by the Foundation since 2003. Twice a year, thousands of sheep are moved from pasture to ports in Leonese Extremadura, on a journey of hundreds of miles, old roads crossing the state, demanding the conservation of cattle. The project aims to preserve and recover transhumance as a practice essential to the conservation of key ecosystems, avenues of farmers, indigenous breeds of livestock and their cultural values and social partners.

Other examples of the involvement of the Territori i Paistage Foundation of the Caixa Catalunya in this regard are the projects 'Conservation of native breeds', conducted by the Association of poultry farmers' El Francolí ', a research project of breeds of birds in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, and conservation and genetic improvement of scattered populations, supporting the Sports Association Center Alpine Valley Segadell in Pardines the recovery of old livestock trails, the County Council of the High Ribagorça Cabañeros the inventory of this region or the Federation of Associations for Defense and Forest Penedès Garraf the Ranger project, a traditional system of fire prevention with using of livestock to clear the forests, among others.

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