Fruits: the secret of combining them and take their best advantage Früchte: Das Geheimnis der Kombination von ihnen für die besten Vorteile Frutas: el secreto de combinarlas y sacar su mejor provecho

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Fruits: the secret of combining them and take their best advantage

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Fruits: the secret of combining them and take their best advantage

The fruits, rejuvenating for cellular repair, energy, nutritional and fat burning, are among the foods that help the body the most and are consumed for thousands of years and our bodies are designed to eat fruit and digest properly. The fruits are composed primarily of water and fructose (natural fruit sugar)., And contain amino acids, enzymes, minerals, fiber, vitamins and vegetable oils.

Despite being an easily digested food and extremely nutritious, is not always fully appreciated or accepted, perhaps because people don’t know their proper consumption, which is necessary to make the most and to not interfere with the digestion of other foods such as dairy, cereal or meat.

How to combine fruit properly

The first to bear in mind is that fruits should not be combined with other foods, because the fruit sugar ferments any other food with which it is combined. For example, if we combine the meat proteins with some fruit, this will cause embarrassment for the fruit will cause premature breakdown of the flesh, which among other things, cause the digestion is not done properly.

Ideally, take the highest qualities of the fruit is eaten alone and on an empty stomach, because most fruits are digested in about 30 minutes, with the exception of the mamey or banana that take longer, it is best to wait  and digest it and then take other food. This can complicate the time especially breakfast, because in many places people are educated to eat fruit in the morning and the amount of food the stomach can cause severe digestive problems. For example, combine egg, bread or cooked with orange juice is not the most appropriate for digestion, because the orange juice ferment foods and causes alcohol, which affects the liver. This may not be noticeable in one or two or twenty breakfast, but certainly hamper the body in its digestive processes when we do not know how to combine. This is because the body will eventually weaken and be more prone to many diseases.

The natural fructose is fruit sugar for excellence to nurture the brain and pancreas, and do not cause fermentation while combining them properly.

Here's a guide to fruits and their correct combination.

  • Sweet: banana, peach, fig, mamey, raisins, watermelon, sugarcane
  • Semi-sweet: mango, apple, papaya, pear, red grapes, peaches, soursop.
  • Acid: strawberry, guava, lemon, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, pineapple, grapefruit, cranberry, tangerine.
  • Semi-acid: plum, kiwi, haw, green grapes, goji berries.

Mixing properly:

  • Acid with Acid and semi-acid
  • Sweets with sweets and Semi-sweet

You should not mix more than three fruits at once, so do not overload the stomach and can digest favorably.

An example of how to properly mix fruit would be:

  • Smoothie 1: A smoothie with lemon and pineapple or guava
  • Smoothie 2: A banana smoothie with pear or papaya
  • Smoothie 3: an orange juice smoothie with strawberries

Meet the acid fruit

The acidic and citrus fruits are only eaten before, and once eaten, the body become alkaline (acid-free) These fruits have excellent cleansing properties, it is recommended towards consumption in the mornings, especially fasting without eating any other food, so deeply cleanse blood and guts. Citrus fruits also contain plenty of vitamin C, which helps strengthen the body's defense system.

Sweeten the acid

Whenever possible and especially if the aim is therapeutic juice, do not add sugar or sweetener of any kind. However, acidic juices often require a bit of sweetener, especially in the case of children, so in this case is recommended to use honey or molasses cereal. Never add refined white sugar, this breaks down all the qualities of the juice.

Fruits at night

Fruits ideal for night are apple, peach, mango and grapes. Some of these fruits are diuretic and contended for its high fiber, help the bolus is removed more easily the next day.

Fruits at afternoon

Melon and watermelon are excellent at afternoon, hydrating the skin and refreshing. We must always consume alone without combining them with other fruit to its best advantage.

Fruit for a snack

The banana is rich in sugars, potassium, vitamins and minerals, very good for removing or delaying hunger or energizing. Ideal in mid-morning like haw, cane, sapote and peach.

Always remember to consume fruits that are very fresh with good color and try to make them functional.

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3 Reviews about Fruits: the secret of combining them and take their best advantage
on 01/05/2015
I LOVE fruit! In fact, I've started fruit fating for one day every week and it makes me feel amazing! Generally I try apples, although it'd be cool to try some of these fruit combinations. I guess I hadn't thought of just eating different types of fruit for the day.
on 29/06/2014


on 04/06/2013
Most kids in these days don?t even consume fruit and their mothers think that giving them a tablet with vitamin is enough to protect them, there is not bigger mistake related to the nutritional properties need by the body. WE must eat fruits every day or we will have a lot of troubles at long-term

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