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Fruits and vegetables for purging your body

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Fruits and vegetables for purging your body

Keeping your body clean internally is essential, not only to avoid the appearance of many diseases, but to keep it beautiful and the ideal weight. And who better to clean the body that vegetables and fruits, which knowing to use in the right way can help maintain health and beauty your body deserves.

Here is a list of major fruits and vegetables that are used for this purpose, we give you some suggestions for use, but you can use your creativity to consume, but if you use these foods for cleansing, you have to respect the general advice for greater effectiveness.

General advice

  • All fruits and vegetables should be of the highest possible quality, preferably organic.
  • Wash food very well.
  • Eat without seasonings used food (including sugar or sweeteners)
  • Make sure always eaten fresh as possible, in the style of "peel and eat."
  • Consider that any cleansing diet usually causes symptoms such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, and so on. This is normal because in the process of cleansing the body has to remove what is stuck, causing reactions in the body. However, you must not stay on this diet unless your symptoms are very marked and unusual. In this case, consult a naturopath or health professional.
  • If you are going to take juices, avoid straining but date time to drink slowly and chew. This is excellent for purifying the body.


This vegetable tops the list of vegetables with more action in cleansing the body. Garlic is a great disinfectant, elps in cases of arthritis, circulation and as toner is an excellent from the pituitary gland. Among many other amazing qualities it possesses, garlic is cleaner blood and intestines.

How to use: Take a clove of raw garlic, crushed or chewed, fasting. Do it every third day if you're not used to. You can also opt to take the capsules or the tincture of garlic, crushed or eat well and stirred with olive oil and a few drops of lemon as a garnish for your favorite salad.


The acidity of the orange is curative, it came natural that it is an ideal oxidant and depurative. It is, like garlic, bleach and microbicide, and its main medicinal agent is citric acid (vitamin C).

Forms of consumption: It is said that the more oranges are consumed, the better its healing efficiency. Recommended diet is to make the purification of the orange, which is to take a liter of orange juice in the morning on an empty stomach and not eat anything until mealtime. We must do this for 10 days.


One of the best healing fruit is lemon, which has many properties, is antiscorbutic, microbicide, fungicide, disinfectant, refreshing, healing, detoxifying, regenerating and so on. It is used in a myriad of diets to lose weight and regain health. The lemon diet is ideal for purging from deep in the intestines, helping to remove debris accumulated and "impossible" to remove.

Form of consumption: the recommended diet is very simple to do. We have to squeeze the juice of two lemons in half glass of warm water and drink this water fasting, every day. Ideally do not consume anything during the two hours, but if you eat something, try to be a citrus fruit.


It has a powerful disinfectant power, and is used as a strong antidote against poisoning.

How to use: add one quarter of an onion in liquid that contains some citrus fruit, like pineapple, which is also purified. Drink in the morning slightly sweetened with honey

Red plums, apples and pineapple

The prune juice, pineapple or apple is ideal to keep the bowels evacuating properly. They are high in fiber and power disinfectant.

Mode of consumption: drink a liter of juice from any of these fruits in the morning, fasting, and before bed at night. Remember that juice should be fresh and avoid sweetening and straining. You can also choose to eat the fruit into pieces.


The grapes are good because help to lose weight and keep the bowels clean. The grape diet consists of consuming as many grapes as you can during the day, eat whole with skin and seeds.


Excellent cleansing properties due to its high fiber content.

How to use: prepare a smoothie with two lemons, a cactus and a hint of honey. Blend and drink a glass every 3 hours.

Unfortunately, we cannot give you the long list of all debugger foods. However, we mention some others for consideration: Guava, aloe, syrup, flaxseed, carrots, celery, alfalfa, dried plums.

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2 Reviews about Fruits and vegetables for purging your body
on 03/12/2014
What a great article, I totally agree. There definitely needs to be more awareness regarding the importance of purging the body and giving it time to recover, cleanse, and just generally "catch up". There for a while I was doing a really good job of "fasting" once to twice a week. They weren't full fasts, but strict calorie reduction. I felt a lot lighter and cleaner inside.
on 02/08/2013
Many of your articles explain the debugger diets in a more didactic way but it is good to find a summary of the many important fruits and vegetables to hold a debugger diet if you want to clean especially the intestines which tend to accumulate all the bad substances, I think that maybe the orange is the best option but if you do not have problems with reflux or anything acidic like that.

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