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Frequently asked questions about naturism

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Frequently asked questions about naturism

Naturism should not be confused with naturalism (nature study) or vegetarianism (diet that excludes meat and fish), terms that gave confusion lately.

What is naturism?

It's a difficult question to answer, since each person experiences it differently. However, for reference, we can provide the definition of the FNI.

"Naturism is a lifestyle in harmony with nature, characterized by the practice of nudism together, with the intention of strengthening respect for oneself, for others and for the environment ."

Why would anyone want to walk around naked?

Each person has their own reasons. To mention some of the most common we can talk about the comfort, or the feeling of physical freedom and the feel of the breeze and the sun throughout the body or mental liberation to shed the costumes indicated by our role in society and treating all people as equals, or the feeling of integration with nature, or to get tan without leaving tan lines.... If you need more reasons, there is an excellent collection of K. Bacher .

Is naturism the same as nudism?

In general, they are often used interchangeably, although there are some differences. Naturism, with reference to the above definition emphasizes the integration with nature. Thus, we consider naturists who enjoy being nude in nature, while those who are nudists are naked at home or go to nudist centers. However, nudists centers are usually close to beaches, mountains and forests where you can enjoy nature without clothes. And there are many people who do both.

What if I have an erection?

Although it may seem strange, it's something that rarely happens, except maybe the first time that a man goes to a place frequented by nudists. In that case you can you always take a bath, lie face down or cover with a towel and quietly wait it out.

In what circumstances is legal or illegal to be naked?

There is no law criminalizing nationwide nudity, nor is there, to my knowledge, at the level of regions. Our constitution protects the right of every person to wear (or not wear) anything, and the illegality of discrimination on personal circumstances such as moral. What it is penalized is performing sexual acts in the presence of minors or mentally deficient. I have been naked on a beach a few meters from a patrol of the police, who had in view a good number of swimmers without bathing, and did not bother anyone. However, there may be an uninformed agent who does not know that nudism is no longer illegal. If the agent asks you to cover again, take the time to inform. But if he insists, you better pay attention, without making a complaint to his superiors. You can find more information on this topic in the web of ADDAN and FEN.

I would like try it, but my partner is not interested. What can I do?

First of all, you cannot force someone to do something they do not want. It is important to be honest and explain the reasons one has. You can always go to one of those beaches where there is a mixture of naked people and swimsuit. That way everyone can be as pleases and maybe be encouraged to try.

Can this cause trauma to my children?

No. Quite the opposite. Studies show that children exposed to environments where nudity is accepted as natural, have more confidence, better accept their body as it is and develop a healthier sex life.

Is it a sin?

Note that it depends on you, not your religion. In general, religions forbid sin, i.e. harm to others or oneself. If you do not have bad intentions you will not be committing any sin. As it can help, here's a quote from John Paul II:

"Because God created it, the human body can remain nude and uncovered and keep intact its splendor and beauty"

Why this effort to be naked? What is the difference with a bathing suit or wearing a thong?

Try it and see! It is difficult to explain the pleasant feeling of freedom that the sun, the breeze or water produce in contact with ALL the body. Nudists and naturists believe that the human body is not something to be ashamed of, so why do you need a bathing suit when you go to swim or sunbathe? If you think about it is as illogical as putting on a raincoat for showers, but we are so used to seeing, which does not surprise us.

That's for people who spend all day in the gym and go to show off

Not at all. If you stop by a center or a nude beach you'll see people of all types: tall, short, fat, skinny, handsome, ugly, with long hair, with short hair, people with tattoos, scarred. What they have in common is that they accept their body as it is, and can openly enjoy freedom of not wearing clothes .

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1 Reviews about Frequently asked questions about naturism
on 29/07/2014
This is actually a really good article. I kind of giggled my way through it, but I suppose that's a common reaction coming from one who's never experienced naturism (or public nudity). I'm really glad there are people who celebrate this though, perhaps, with time, I will work towards erasing this culturally-embedded embarrassment.

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