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Free yourself from dandruff

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Free yourself from dandruff

Excess fat or dryness of our scalp may be the cause of dandruff, those pesky silvery scales that appear in our hair. Both in adolescence or adulthood, dandruff appears and it’s difficult to get rid of. We've all suffered the ravages and bad times having it at least once, bearing the itching and shamed to see it fall on our shoulders.

Dandruff can occur by emotional stress, washing your hair with water at extreme temperatures, general exhaustion, constipation, or not including in our daily diet healthy foods like fruits and vegetables.

If you are going through this, you should know that dandruff can be dry or seborrhea, it is in many cases strong and can’t be completely healed, reappears in cycles, so we should take certain steps to get it under control.

You can reverse its production with natural remedies and also following a strict diet by eating vitamin B, which stabilizes the scalp.

Then, you can apply any of these masks to remove them.

Aloe vera

The first and most effective is based on aloe vera or aloe, which thanks to its analgesic, eliminate itching, which will control the progress of this hair disease. You can use it in two ways:

Take a leaf of aloe, remove the spines, and apply directly on the scalp, rub to penetrate the gel, inside the leaf.

You can also blend the leaf, without spines and apply the juice you get, like a lotion, at least twice a day. You can prepare it in the morning and save it in the refrigerator, tightly covered.


Boil a liter of water, once reached the boiling point; add some celery stalks and leaves. Boil for five minutes, let it rest and apply to the scalp.


Squeeze fresh lemon juice which will be applied after shampooing (when you are rinsing your hair). This will also prevent dandruff and will make your hair shinny.


Boil in water the roots of beets (the most recommended to combat dandruff is white) and this water should be massaged on the scalp with fingertips every night.


Dilute cider vinegar with an equal amount of water and apply this mixture which must be added to water while rinsing hair.


Prepare a rinse with three tablespoons of dried thyme in a cup of water which should be boiled for 10 minutes. Pour the mixture over clean hair and rinse. Apply this preparation every time you wash your hair.


Wash and cut an avocado in half. Remove the pulp, and do a massage through the scalp. Wash with plenty of water and then shampoo. Repeat this remedy twice a week.


Mix one tablespoon of honey with an egg. Apply over your head and gently massage in circular movements. Wash, then shampoo.


Do not forget to eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Also avoid tea, coffee, refined, canned and processed foods.

Daily, massage the scalp with fingertips. This should be done just before or after brushing the hair which will activate the circulation avoiding the appearance of dandruff.

If, despite these recommendations and the applications of masks, dandruff hasn’t disappeared, becoming chronic, see your doctor, especially if you see:

  • Scalp irritation
  • Thick peeling
  • Yellow crusts
  • Red spots along the line where the hair comes

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2 Reviews about Free yourself from dandruff
on 16/07/2014
These are all great recommendations. I remember one time when I was in 7th grade - I still feel terrible about it - I laughed so hard at this guy we used to hang out with that just had the WORST case of dandruff I've ever seen one day. It was like a snow globe!! I didn't mean to laugh, but it was so funny, and I apologized and felt so bad. But can be a very embarrassing situation.
on 06/12/2012
Wow this problem might affect a lot of people in the whole world. I had problems before but I started to use a natural and especial shampoo to stop dandruff. Now I feel a lot better but I had to ask for help to chemicals and I don?t like that. I?m going to try some of these remedies and see if they make a good result on my dry hair.

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