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Los cuatro amaneceres Spa

Los cuatro amaneceres was born as a leisure and health spa that offers first class accommodation. It is a center of rest in the countryside surrounded by a beautiful forest that invites reflection and relaxation of body and mind. Los cuatro amaneceres’s programs are implemented rest to overcome the rigors of stress and other imbalances that leads to urban life. And the emphasis on preventive health, rejuvenation and beauty care for the body of the guests, which only targets are achieved as a result of recovering the balance. The park, outdoor life, the massages, the delights of the kitchen, sunrise, sunset yoga classes, tai chi and meditation and all the Spa awaits you.

This spa is a center for preventive health and recovery of lost balance in the hustle and bustle of urban life. Your hosts, more than 3,000 to date, have one thing in common: they are alert to the symptoms of stress. Many times the simple fact of withdrawal of a few days achieves remarkable results. It was extremely pleasant mix therapies such as Californian massage with deep relaxation activities like yoga and tai-chi-chuan, to help avoid dangerous somatization.

Therapeutic staff and the rest of the staff have achieved a high level of professionalism, ideal situations to deal with groups of a same company, engaged in a program of Stress Management.

Preventive health as a concept

The gym, the rigors of weight training, bike set, the walker can be computerized, with sacrifice, refine your body. But after thirty-odd, and as we advance in age, the muscles tighten and stress has its effect on our mental and physical health. We all have great potential to improve the physical and mental state if we take simple measures in our lifestyle. Changes, which can begin to take form on Los cuatro amaneceres. Plans to combat stress, overweight and other imbalances, but also offer the opportunity to reward a few days of pleasure with heat or steam baths, massage, relaxation, beauty body treatments, walks and food.

Contact with nature

The programs emphasize prevention, exploring the relationship between all of us have the mind and body, between humans and nature. Enjoying the open countryside, surrounded by trees, farm animals, birds, sunrises and brilliant sunsets, and harsh climate and energy field. Applies and recommends natural methods. A personal plan that may follow in their daily lives. Tisanes positions yoga or tai-chi simple and very effective, massage oils, treated with herbal steam baths, heated pool, dry sauna and water purification processes of mineral layers themselves.

Entering Los cuatro amaneceres only takes place within a given program at the choice of the host.

EAP - Specific Programs Ayurveda, complementary medicine formally recognized by WHO

Ayurveda treatments are performed in the Spa in accordance with the recommendation of a physician specializing in ayurveda, especially in cases of profound imbalances that cause migraine, stress, deep, or gastrointestinal toxicity, and so on.

Ayurveda practitioners are recommended by recognized agencies for treatment, teaching and research. Medical consultation before you go into the specific program of Ayurveda in Los cuatro amaneceres is by appointment at clinics of Buenos Aires.

California Program

Balance and Leisure Program: the natural way to deal with the stress of everyday life. Total immersion in oneself and in the pleasures of rest and recuperation of harmony. Elongation and stretching exercises framed in daily sessions of yoga or tai-chi. Sauna, steam room and acquagym classes. The program includes a full day or Californian massage excellent hot stone therapy. Walk in the countryside and forest. The weekends are held talks Meditation, even for beginners.

Californian massage, both in its full version and in total, is a unique experience for school-based Esalen, California. The therapist turns his hands, his forearms and the measured weight of the whole body and energy into the instrument to achieve complete relaxation.

Hot stone therapy involves the placement of volcanic rocks in pain in areas that penetrate the muscles and produce a deep relaxation. The stones, which store energy from the sun and the earth over thousands of years, contain minerals such as iron and magnesium basalt, which explains that the stones are able to relax and energize the body.


(Daily Activities in all programs, those days are done most of the activities and weekends, all)

  • Field and forest walks
  • Classes acquagym and countrybike.
  • Tai-chi classes or yoga, meditation and relaxation techniques.
  • Scheduled access to services and the widespread use and Spa Free pool (heated and outdoor) and centers of dry heat and wet.
  • Los cuatro amaneceres daily quality natural gourmet / fusion, healthy and tasty, without the "torture of hunger and detoxifying. We suggest bringing comfortable clothes jogging type mesh and shoes with rubber soles. The winter jacket is a need for shelter and clothing, as in the field temperature is lower than in the city. The Spa provides exits bathroom, towels and more..
  • Beauty Treatments
  • Body Mud
  • Chocolate
    - Mask of chocolate and red grapes
    - Mask chocolate and sweet oranges
    - Mask softening of chocolate and honey
  • Golden Mask

Los cuatro amaneceres provides a unique natural environment of 30 hectares of park and forest that is a message in itself.

Los cuatro amaneceres characteristics of the establishment

  • Premises: 30 acres
  • Location: 99.5 miles from Buenos Aires, on the road to Mercedes
  • Facilities: 10 double rooms VIP
  • Lounge w / 120 people
  • Lounge w / 50 people
  • Natural kitchen
  • Spa with heated pool, lounge and yoga tai - chi, sauna, steam room, relaxation room, massage. Outdoor Pool

 In Los cuatro amaneceres we seek to improve the quality of life for its visitors. Healthy diet, techniques to reduce stress, briefings and training produce that effect.

Placer County Health and Spa Los cuatro amaneceres
Tomas Jofre (Ruta 42, Km 8) s / n
(CP6600) Mercedes, Pcia De Bs As
Buenos Aires - Argentina

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1 Reviews about Los cuatro amaneceres Spa
on 30/05/2015
What a great sounding palce, especially the name! Haha, I think translated this would be soemthing like "The Four Awakenings", which really makes sense when you consider what this spa's purpose is, to awaken the soul and to bring peace.

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