Four out of ten Spaniards do not consume enough fruit Vier von zehn Spanier verbrauchen nicht genügend Obst Cuatro de cada diez españoles no consume suficiente fruta


Four out of ten Spaniards do not consume enough fruit

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Four out of ten Spaniards do not consume enough fruit

The consumption of fruit is essential to maintain a balanced diet, in addition to preventing overweight and obesity, it is essential to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, cancer or diabetes. However, in Spain people do not take the minimum amount recommended.

Specifically, 43% of the Spanish population does not consume two daily servings of fruit recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), as the study on the EM “Eating habits of the Spanish 2006" by the Spanish Society of Community Nutrition (SENC) and Hero Nutrition. For WHO, a balanced diet should be composed of 400 grams per day of fruits and vegetableswhich is equivalent to the intake of at least two to three daily servings of fruit and three of vegetables.

The fruit consumption is higher among adults (55 to 65 years), while the lowest intake is in the young people57% of children and young don’t even consume two servings a day. By territory, the east has the largest consumption, compared to Madrid and Galicia, which represent the child. Generally, metropolitan areas consume less fruit than in rural. Only in summer rates are reflected more optimistic, since 71.6% of Spaniards says eating fruit in the summer stage.

The consumption of fruit concentrates mainly on food (at 63.8%), dinner (54.1%) and tea (26.6%). Only 16.8% of Spaniards said taking it on breakfast and 11%, between meals.


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1 Reviews about Four out of ten Spaniards do not consume enough fruit
on 23/11/2015
I would definitely believe this. In fact, I think the rates of North Americans that don't eat enough fruit is probably even higher. I myself find that some days it's just hard to get enough fruits and vegetables in, and I try really hard to make sure I have all my food groups in

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