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Foot Massage: Relax and stay healthy while you indulge yourself

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Foot Massage: Relax and stay healthy while you indulge yourself

Do you work standing up for over eight hours a day? Do your feet  or ankles hurt at the end of the day? You probably did not know that the feet retain a large percentage of body tension. The feet are one of the body parts that tend to accumulate most stress and pressure, and if we consider that the feet have a large number of nerve endings connected to organ systems (meridians and acupuncture points), then we could say that when your feet get stressed, stress can then make its way up into almost all parts of our body, which dulls energy and blood flows, as well as the smooth functioning of organs and nervous system.

foot massage is not just something really luxurious for many people, but it also gives a great stimulus to the feet helping to relax the whole body, as well as blood flow, harmonic flow in energy and especially stimulating the proper functioning of the nervous system, as it tightens specific points in our feet bringing a great sense of physical and emotional relief.

How to give a good foot massage

There is no need to be an expert, just a willingness to learn and to follow some of the following tips:

  • Invest in a special cream or massage oil, try a completely natural and organic option as all the virtues of the plants and flowers will combine to provide relaxing and/or medicinal effects on you or the person receiving the massage.

  • We recommend using oils of jasmine, rose, lavender, geranium or almonds oil.

  • Before giving yourself a good massage, bath or wash your feet with warm water.  Hot water is not only a great way to initiate a massage but it also prepares the skin to absorb the oils. In addition to washing the feet, take advantage to exfoliate with green clay, shaping gently in to the ankle. This helps to better oxygenation, releasing dead skin cells and toning up muscles of the foot.

  • Once your feet are clean and ready, place them on a clean towel, take the oil or cream and massage gently spreading on and around the foot, gently rubbing the heel, ankle and toes.

  • Massage the right foot gently, thinking of it as a ball of dough. Press the dough gently using the tips of your fingers and applying gentle but firm pressure.

  • Use your thumbs to rub the soles of both feet gently from top to bottom.

  • Use the knuckles of your index finger to rub the foot, drawing spirals and applying gentle pressure throughout.

  • Use a rounded tip quartz to pass over and buffer the feet.

  • Take one foot with your hand and with the other gently roll it from side to side. If there is pain in the ankle, gently rub your fingers around the funny bone of the ankle. Repeat with the other foot.

  • Take one foot with both hands and pull it out towards you, allowing both hands to slide from the ankle to the tips of toes.

  • Gently pull each and all of the toes outwards, remembering to always apply plenty of cream or oil. Spend time on each toe and slowly stretch it back and forward, pressing the head of each toe gently with your own hand.

  • Take one foot with both hands so that your thumbs remain on the back of the foot. Use your thumbs to rub the top of the foot, sliding your fingers between the bones you find between each toe.

  • If you there is no-one around to provide massage for you, you can use a whole lemon with the skin still on instead. Put the lemon flat on the ground, rubbing your foot on top of the lemon and applying gentle pressure.

  • If you want to intensify the healing power of this massage, you can bring a reflexology table and use it to detect pressure points or any conditions that the individual may have. Once you detect the point or zone, press gently with quartz and briefly apply pressure.

  • The feet are a very erotic part of the body as they possess many nerve endings, so this massage is a good way to begin some intimate and sensuous contact with your partner.

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8 Reviews about Foot Massage: Relax and stay healthy while you indulge yourself
on 15/01/2016
Acupuncture and reflexology are both fields of medicine that I would be interested to know more about, as I have many friends who absolutely swear by it and feel fantastic after receiving a therapy.
The only problem I have is that I absolutely HATE people touching my feet!

Since a lot of tension is kept in our feet, I guess wearing comfortable and proper-fitting shoes have an impact on our health too.

on 17/12/2015
...and don't forget warm foot bath with Epsom salts, they say some of the magnesium gets absorbed and while at it add 2 tbs of apple cider vinegar which your skin and nails thank you for. Appar. there are 32 small bones in each foot which are connected with something that needs to be mssaged with fingers evrey which way and the relief will travel all the way to the Tower(head).. ahh.. :)
on 17/06/2014
Excellent advice! I also use warm sesame oil and perform a full-body massage before showers. This only takes a few minutes, but wow! Does it make a difference!
on 14/06/2014
Now I understand why I feel so relieved and unstressed every time I give myself a foot massage! Thank you for the information provided. I will take your recommendations and follow the tricks as to become a better masseuse.
on 01/06/2014
on 30/05/2014
I feel a strong pain because I spend too many hours standing in the bus and other places, and the pain is getting worse.... I hope to find solution with this!
on 27/04/2014
there is nothing better than a good massage in the feet, I always ask my partner to do that! and he is a little bit like he doesn't like it, but well, maybe I should ask someone else to do that like a professional.... that really would be awesome
on 22/04/2014
Amazing! I think I don?t even want someone to help me with this! I want to massage myself since it is very delicious and it can help the body in so many good ways, now I have learned this and I?m impressed, thanks for the tips, I will look up for oils and creams right now!

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