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Foods that help burn fat

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Foods that help burn fat

One of the problems of overweight is not really having much fat, but the inability of the body to convert fat into energy that, i.e. burn fat. The body has the wonderful feature of turning everything we eat into energy, but if we eat, the food, instead of oxidized and converted into energy is converted into fat and stored, it is fattening.

There are many people who care about losing weight by avoiding consumption of certain foods without success, even obese people are often malnourished who wonder why they cannot lose weight.

An inadequate diet

One of the main causes of obesity is an unbalanced diet, but a poor performance of the body's metabolism. Many of the diets are not designed to accumulate in fatty tissues, and this controls the number of calories you eat, but mostly provides certain foods that help burn fat.

Fat burning foods

All foods have a caloric intake in the body, however, there are some that make it easy to burn calories while others stimulate the accumulation of fat. Foods high in fat adhere more easily to body fat because the body is an easy conversion, which spends only 3% of energy, while converting, for example, carbohydrates into fat, the body spends 23% of calories.

It is also important for the above, including certain foods in the body so that it can help to help burn fat. There are natural fat-burning foods, but there are also supplements and powders that have this aim and are currently on the market known as fat-burners. These products, in addition to nurture the body, activate the process of burning fat.

For someone who is overweight or want to lose more kilos, it is important to include the following foods in the daily diet. The main and most researched fat burners are the following:

  • L-carnitine: stimulates the body by increasing activity of the body and energy gains. Plays an important role in the oxidation of fats. This is good for burning fat activate blood circulation, and it works well in the treatment of cholesterol and triglycerides. Provides extra energy reserves, which is used in the diets of high-performance physical competitors.
  • Choline (or vitamin B7) is involved in the functioning of the digestive system and nourishes the skin and nerves. It is important in the process of converting food into energy.
  • Hercampuri: is a Peruvian plant, its properties are recommended by lowering cholesterol, detoxifying and diuretic and helps burn fat, regulating the body's metabolism without the risk of causing anorexia. It also reduces the risk of cardio vascular problems. Helps eliminate low-density lipids in the blood and diuretic action, which normalizes blood pressure. This plant helps energize the body because it helps balance the metabolism and improves circulation.
  • Lecithin: serves in the production of neurotransmitters in the brain, this fatty acid regulates many processes which include the regulation of appetite, mood, behavior and memory. Its most effective is "fosfatidill", its common name is lecithin, which acts in the metabolism of fats. The default is to have rusted so easily be consumed very fresh indeed holds for all its benefits.
  • Inositol: is used as a filter so that the fat does not enter the liver and cause health problems.
  • L-Methionine: helps transport the fat deposits in the body of the cell, turning it into energy there. Each gram of fat provides 9 calories burned.
  • Chromium Picolinate and some diuretic herbs: they are excellent for reducing fat, also help prevent muscle flaccidity (preserving muscle mass and tone up), calories burned by preventing the glucose into fat. Also protect the immune system to maintain high defenses. Prevent fluid retention.
  • Chitosan: This substance is a mixture of the exo-skeletons of shrimp and crabs, which is chemically similar to plant fiber called cellulose. Have an attractive lipids and the ability to absorb fat, acting like a "sponge" in the digestive area.
  • Omega-3: reduces cholesterol levels in the body because it favors the decrease of generation of atheromas.

Burn fat that increase basal metabolism by facilitating fat loss:

  • Ephedrine
  • Aspirin Caffeine and its herbal extracts.

Important Note:

To use of these burners, professional advice is recommended.

Fat burning foods

Here is a list of foods you can consume and help burn fat:

CABBAGE: This plant, as well as having anticancer properties, is an ideal food to metabolize fats. It also contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, niacin, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium iodine.

BEET: improves the activity of the kidney and can remove more fat. It also has laxative properties

CITRUS FRUITS: lower insulin levels (blood sugar) and promote weight loss. It strengthens the immune system. The lemon and orange are great as a first food to help burn extra fat.

APPLE: contains pectin in its shell, jelly-like substance that slows digestion and creates a lot of your sense of satiety, thus preventing over eating, and also absorbs the fat.

GARLIC AND ONION: accelerating activity metabolism.

LETTUCE: rich in iron and magnesium, minerals that help to burn extra fat in the body.

OATS: Oats are difficult to digest, so give the feeling of satiety while reducing harmful cholesterol.

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2 Reviews about Foods that help burn fat
on 06/08/2014
Are there really any foods that actually "burn" calories or fat? I feel that's kind of misleading, because almost all foods have some sort of caloric value. I've heard that celery actually takes more energy to chew and digest than it actually brings in. I'm sure the science does help understand some of the more minute details of food, but just eating a fresh, unprocessed, unrefined diet plus exercise should be enough to stay "healthy"
on 06/08/2013
May fat burners promise many things that are not real, and the mistake is that we believe in all those things, when we should understand that there are many true fat burners in front of our noses that are healthy and improve the body too, think bigger and start relying in the nature more than anything!

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