Foods for losing weight after 40 Abnehmen nach den 40. Welche Lebensmittel helfen? Alimentos para bajar de peso después de los 40

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Foods for losing weight after 40

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Foods for losing weight after 40

Research has shown that there are some foods that help us in our fight against body fat after 40 years.

At a certain age, the body responds differently to diet and exercise, because the proportion of body fat naturally increases and decreases the percentage of muscle mass in the body and therefore the calories burned are reduced. These foods we can help you burn fat and lose weight more effectively:

Water with lemon

According to research, women who replaced their sweetened drinks for natural water with lemon, lost on average 1.3kg more a year than those who did not make the change. Besides reducing soda consumption improves bone health; preventing osteoporosis, a very common disease after age 40.


Besides being rich in fiber, which allows to feel give satiety faster reducing food intake, it contains healthy fats (monounsaturated). Some studies have shown that the symptoms of hormonal changes are reduced when you eat flax.


Those who have a diet rich in fiber and carbohydrates, and concentrate them on breakfast, burn fat more during the year than people who eat a diet high in refined carbohydrates.


This sweet spice could replace a couple of teaspoons of sugar, which only adds empty calories. Cinnamon slightly reduces cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, which benefits cardiovascular health.


The intake of 8-10 almonds a day can helps lose more weight and body fat than a low-fat diet. They also help hold off fat storage and reduce blood insulin levels.

Spicy seasonings

Are known to increase metabolism and emphasize caloric expenditure. But also new research about spicy foods tells they reduce insulin levels, which decreases 32% the level of fat storage in the body.


The intake of these fish gives us large amounts of vitamin D and calcium to the body, essential nutrients after 40 years, since they prevent bone diseases. It has been found that women of 50 years that takes a supplement of calcium and vitamin D rise less weight after menopause, but it is better to get calcium from natural sources, via food. Other studies also show that without enough vitamin D or leptin, a hormone that regulates appetite, women cannot do their job well.

Whole Grains

Whole grains not only provide us more fiber than their refined versions, they are also rich in vitamins and minerals; making their nutritional value very appreciated. It is recommended to use whole grains instead of refined grains, since you will have a better nutrition and greater satiety, with a smaller portion.


Their calorie intake is very minimal, so including them in our diet can help reduce appetite and body weight because of their fiber and water intake, their content of vitamins and minerals are ideal for this stage of life.

If you add these foods in your diet, having a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and exercise, you may help yourself to maintain your weight, or it will be easier to get rid of those extra kilos, not to mention to gain a better quality of life and health.

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2 Reviews about Foods for losing weight after 40
on 26/07/2014
My mother is over 40, and fairly overweight, and she always complains of how difficult it is for her to loose weight. But she's not willing to make any real changes to her life. She leads (essentially) an entirely sedentary lifestyle (drives to work, sits in a cubicle, drives back home to watch tv. On the weekends they ride motorcycles together). Plus she doesn't make any dietary changes either. I've seen plenty of super fit adults way past their middle ages, which leads me to believe that things are only as possible as you make them.
on 10/11/2012
Losing weight after menopause is one of the hardest things I?ve tried in my life. I didn?t believe that before, but once you are there, you can go back. So I think the best idea is to take care of your body before menopause comes, and maintain it this way. I didn?t do that and now I?m having problems. I?ll try changing my diet with these products. I hope it works.

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