10 Food that beautify nails, skin and hair Lebensmittel, die Nägel, Haut und Haare verschönern 10 Alimentos que embellecen las uñas, la piel y el cabello

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10 Food that beautify nails, skin and hair

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10 Food that beautify nails, skin and hair

If your skin, nails or hair is brittle or weak, or simply you want to enhance their beauty or make them more beautiful for these coming holidays, nothing better to start now to consider in your diet the following foods. No treatment can be effective if you don’t combine it with a good nourishing diet and quality. We know that in the stomach is forged not only health but beauty, so you're at a good time to hone your skin, nails and hair that are three points very important and very powerful in your charisma and personality.

List of key foods you should havet:

1. Parsley: This is a plant rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, etc., Plays an important role in maintaining your healthy tissue and blood vessels, especially capillaries. This is very important to keep skin in good condition. Take parsley juice which you can prepare as follows: Blend two glasses of pure water with two lemons and games for all skin. Strain. Then liquefy water with the remaining lemon and a few sprigs of parsley, add one tablespoon of liquid chlorophyll and sweeten with honey or rice syrup. Drink during the day. It is important not to exaggerate the amount of parsley, with just two or three sticks, taking into account its role in the body is very powerful. This juice is enough for one day.

2. Carrot: rich in vitamin A, vital for cell regeneration and reconstruction, rich in antioxidants that prevent premature wear of the skin, nourishes and repairs. This vegetable is ideal as a base to combine and assimilate other vegetables like peppers, parsley, alfalfa, etc. If you take a carrot juice a day, your skin will look great.

3. Cucumber: Cucumber juice promotes hair growth and prevents its collapse because it is rich in silicon and sulfur. If you mix with carrot juice with celery, greatly enhance the performance in terms of cellular nutrition.

4. Alfalfa: rich in calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, chlorophyll, enzymes, etc. Alfalfa juice should always be combined with the carrot as it is very powerful, it is ideal to nourish skin and hair, plus that helps cell regeneration, cleans the intestines of toxins and harmful fats that affect skin health.

5. Extra virgin olive oil: rich in vitamin E and essential oils to nourish the skin, exerts a protective effect on the skin, nourishes, repairs it, has an antioxidant effect on the cell membrane, combats premature skin wear and the regenerates and repairs. Please make sure that the oil is of better quality.

6. Pepper: contains silicon and fluorine, ideal pair of nails, skin and hair health. You can mix a bit of pepper with the fresh juice of carrot.

7. Onion: rich in potassium, oil, calcium, silicon, phosphorus and iron. It is ideal to help dissolve mucus or toxins in the intestine that prevent the proper absorption of nutrients, which causes the skin, nails and hair look weak and lifeless. Eating raw onion is an excellent remedy to keep skin firm, young and beautiful.

8. Brewer's yeast: contains 8 essential amino acids and 10 more, essential amino acids to form protein, 40% of its composition are proteins, also contains over 14 essential minerals, and with these totally or partially repairs deficiencies of iron, copper, zinc, chromium, selenium, etc. It is rich source of nucleic acid, which is essential for the production and cell regeneration. Its kindness to the beauty of your skin, hair and nails are innumerable.

9. Beetroot: Contains potassium, iron, sodium and is rich in magnesium. Its juice helps to build red corpuscles of the blood, invigorates and nourishes. It has the advantage of having a ratio of calcium-magnesium very beneficial for the body. Helps keep skin in good condition. Beet juice should be combined with carrots, beets with a bit of it, high doses are not appropriate.

10. Oilseeds: sesame, walnuts, pistachios, sunflower seeds, pumpkin, almonds, etc. are in the oilseeds group. These foods are rich in natural fats (mono and poly unsaturated), rich in vitamin E, ideal for the reconstruction and tissue health.

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3 Reviews about 10 Food that beautify nails, skin and hair
on 09/01/2015
I've heard a lot about brewer's yeast lately ,and I'm really started to get interested in it. Judging by the name, i'm assuming it has something to do with brewing beer? And I'm also wondering fi these same benefits are not involved in drinking beer itself? just wondering...Thanks!
on 01/06/2014
could you explain the reason that makes beetroot not so good to consume in high levels?? I was wondering about that since a long time ago
on 27/05/2013
Good article as always, my skin still look ugly even though all the things I have done and I?m thinking on following a diet only for the skin for a couple of weeks, these is amazing and perfect to follow my ideal diet, I?m going to star by including brewer?s yeast for now.

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