Food habits of households with teenagers Ernährungsgewohnheiten der Haushalte mit Jugendlichen Hábitos alimenticios de los hogares con adolescentes

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Food habits of households with teenagers

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Food habits of households with teenagers

The study "Adolescents, The Last Emperor", prepared by the Consultant TNS Wordlpanel, reflects that fresh products represent 17% of the shopping in homes with adolescents, compared with 21% of families without teenagers. The work highlights the influence of adolescents purchasing decisions and claims that their feeding anticipates a decline in the Mediterranean diet.

Households with young people aged 13 to 19 spent annually on feeding 2,055 euros, versus 1,468 euros average for other households, the report said this, adding that the teen is an "emperor" and defined with own tastes, "whimsical and changing, used to have almost all" and prefers the "sweet, pleasant , fast food and intense flavors”. So they opt for pizza, frozen potatoes, fried meats and fresh detriment of traditional products.

When choosing cold drinks, teenagers opt for soda or carbonated drinks, while in terms of hot they choose the cocoa. Also, teens choose as desserts rice pudding, dishes with whipped cream or yogurt and fruit, when should opt for a fruit, tangerine or prefer bananas, easier to peel.

Therefore, adolescents are a key target for consumer markets, due to their influence on family purchases and their important role as a prescriber of the eating habits of households,

By Pere Vives, TNS.

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1 Reviews about Food habits of households with teenagers
on 08/02/2014
It is pretty obvious that the adolescents from this time no longer consume the food that we used to eat and now we are facing a major problem with their diet, they are getting sicker and sicker and the only way to stop this is informing them in the proper way so that the options of choosing healthier food comes from themselves.

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