Flower therapy: The flowers of Saint Germain Blumen-Therapie: Die Blüten von Saint Germain Tratamiento con Terapia Floral: Las flores de Saint Germain

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Flower therapy: The flowers of Saint Germain

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Flower therapy: The flowers of Saint Germain

The flower essences are subtle liquid extracts, which are taken orally and that carry the power of the flower from which it extracts the essence. This serves to transform deep issues relating to emotional, soul development and mind-body health. As indicated by Neide Margonaire the creator of the Essences of Saint Germain, "Attitudes, words, bad and negative thoughts, block the passage of light in the electrons that make up our bodies, the super-physical and physical and these are the causes of diseases. Physical illness is the crystallization of an incorrect position of our personality, is an energy disturbance that begins in one of the super-physical bodies: etheric, emotional or mental. These positions are against our inner divinity. "

But, to understand better the healing power of flowers in Saint Germain you need to analyze a particular case: I remember especially the Catalina case, who came because could not sleep, woke up several times at night, and could not rest because of an anxious state she remembered from "always" and had worsened since the separation from her husband. His daughter had problems at school and her grades had dropped considerably.

In this case, the first thing is Catalina facing the problem of sleep, because the lack of rest makes your physical body will wear considerably and cannot recover the energy expended during the day, so that also affects the psychology and the mind.

The recipe consists of the following remedies:

• Allium: to calm your mind and your concerns, to return calm and discerning mind.

• Cideira: for insomnia caused by worry and to eliminate anxiety.

• Saint Michael, is a great protector, and helps us sleep peacefully, cleans our bodies, mental, emotional and physical development of harmful emotional states.

• Melisa: It is a great reliever of the solar plexus and returns us confidence and joy.

• Goiaba: for real fears and bring a great inner strength, courage and deal with pressure situations.

When se improved her situation and was able to sleep and begin to rest, I decided to face the anxiety condition from "always" with Focum: used for cleaning violent trauma as she chose this flower indicating that there were still pain in her deep feelings, grief, anger and resentment for those who face a profound rejection.

At this point, Catalina seemed another woman, and her improvement had influenced the state of her daughter, but she wanted to prepare some flowers to the girl to help her in school.

For Maria, the girl, I prepared a formula that will provide focus on learning, memory, willpower, and perseverance organization composed of Thea, sapientum, melissa, Abricó and Garland.

The entire process is conducted in three visits spaced one month each. The flowers of Saint Germain, are especially powerful because we return to our home, we join with our inner guidance, with this authentic version that is within ourselves and we all know that is our true reality, as our true state is to peace, love, joy and abundance.

Natural Cabinet of Raquel Cabo
Natural Health
C / Franco Tormo 11, pta 17 46007 Valencia

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2 Reviews about Flower therapy: The flowers of Saint Germain
on 09/04/2015
I've heard of flower therapy before, Bach flowers, adn I'm just not so sure I really buy into it. It takes so long to become "effective" that really, when working with the psychology, if you were to focus on any sort of behavioral/mental pattern for that amount of time, just by awareness it becomes resolved.
on 02/04/2013
Wow, sound amazing, I wonder if I can find these types of remedies near my home, but surely I want to find it! I?ve been always interested in the developing of remedies through plants and herbs, and this kind of therapy that uses smells and essences is really related to that, so I need to know more about it

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