Flower essences, herbs, and tips to cure anxiety naturally Blütenessenzen, Kräuter, und Tipps um Angst zu heilen Tratar la Ansiedad naturalmente: Esencias Florales, Hierbas y Consejos

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Flower essences, herbs, and tips to cure anxiety naturally

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Flower essences, herbs, and tips to cure anxiety naturally

Who has not ever felt the feeling of nervousness, insecurity or fear? The pace of life somewhat accelerated, coupled with the loneliness and lack of knowledge about what we feel, leads to anxiety that starts to be a kind of "normality" in everyday life. However, anxiety is not a good companion, in the long run can cause severe disorders, if not addressed early. Here are some natural remedies to control and understand the anxiety, we recommend that you read and apply or that they recommend to someone you feel you're anxious, so do not let this emotion becomes pathologic.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is an emotion. And as fear, anger or sadness, anxiety is not something bad, it's only an adaptive response that is characterized by an increase in the powers of perception to a need, either physiologic body, such as hunger in the absence of any important element in the body that currently is below the appropriate level, or the emotional needs, such as fear of losing or feeling that you cannot get either recognition or love.

In fact the anxiety, like all emotions, has an important role in the body; emotions are all related to adaptation of the individual. However, anxiety becomes pathological or something outside the natural harmony of the body when it begins to be a chronic destructive and not adaptive to the individual. When anxiety begins to become out of control in one person, this might experience the following symptoms:


  • General Stress which appears when you want to live above the potential economic burden is a debt or working more than necessary, or use their free time in stressful or competitive activities such as gambling.
  • Sweating and shaking.
  • Palpitations.
  • Possible insomnia.
  • Irritability, agitation and fear; sensitivity to anger and anger if the anxiety is heightened.
  • Wanting to mourn for no reason.
  • Not caring when anxiety is associated with fatigue or after times of great emotional stress.
  • Symptoms may appear as nausea, frequent urination, flushing, pupil dilation and panting when the anxiety is extreme.
  • Spread, lack of concentration.
  • Hyperactivity.
  • Feeling of choking, loss of control or knowledge.
  • Transpiration exaggerated.
  • Muscle stiffness, which appears when working in excess and not to get nervous, for example, somewhere, or want to finish quickly, or not believe they will finish a major work, etc., is that the muscles charged excessive voltage.
  • Difficulties in communication, obsessive and negative thoughts.

But these symptoms can be eased or even disappear with a simple and effective treatments that are known for thousands of years. And as you know, nature is always the wisest choice for any condition, pain or discomfort. And anxiety is not an exception.


Allopathic medicine treats anxiety with anxiolytics, sleeping pills and other drugs in fact have side effects, weaken the immune system, creating dependency and many symptoms just numb without actually removing the real cause.

Here are some herbs to combat anxiety and stress. There are some that you can use as aromatherapy, either as a diffuser or oil to prepare essential oils and creams and give massages. If you are using essential oils, never apply directly to the skin, eyes or ingestion. We need to lower them either with water, massage oil, a cream, and so on.

Essential oils and natural remedies to combat anxiety

Melissa, a number of plants to combat a nervous state altered. Also known as cidronella honey, herb bergamot, and torongina. The water from Carmen (elabroada water by a French Carmelite) is used successfully against anxiety. It is made with Melissa prodigious healing properties, which are found in flowers and leaves, which are dried in the shade in a cool place and away from dust. You can find Melissa essential oil, and use it in the diffuser, in the bath or delicious massage.

It has long been used in infusion, tincture, medicinal wine or water, with which it fought nervous disorders, liver, heart and digestive organs, so as to allay anxiety.

Melissa: Melissa is antispasmodic, digestive and helps relax the nervous system in a positive way, without sleep, calming and elevating mood. The Greeks used this plant to strengthen the heart and brain, and remove physical and mental ailments.

Geranium: This essential oil is an antidepressant; it helps soothe emotions and cause a state of peace in order to think clearly.

Anise, poppy, the khaki, lavender, chamomile and peppermint are also efficient in harmonizing mood. Any of these herbs can be used in incense or aromatherapy uses.

Chamomile and peppermint: chamomile has excellent soothing properties, ideal for calming the nerves, like the mint and anise tincture. A tea of chamomile or mint before going to bed or fasting is effective in helping you relax. We also can produce a liter of water with an infusion of chamomile water and drink during the day to sips.

Other options:

  • Use quality foods in your diet, fresh, which supply the body the energy it needs, especially of vitamin and mineral deficient, so as to return the balance to the body by eliminating or reducing the symptoms of anxiety.
  • Avoid sugar in all respects: it has been found in psychiatric hospitals that sugar is one of the leading causes of mental illness. Avoid soft drinks, candy, cakes, etc.
  • Phytotherapy: the lime (an infusion after meals), the Pasiflora (2 to 4 tablets daily) or St. John's wort (2 to 4 capsules daily), are good for combating anxiety.
  • Reiki, practicing yoga or tai chi, reflexology and acupuncture are very good options.

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2 Reviews about Flower essences, herbs, and tips to cure anxiety naturally
on 03/12/2014
Wow, you know...I read these articles and it just makes me so sad. Humans are so susceptible to mental disease, yet for some reason, especially here in the Western world, we try to ignore this so very basic and obvious fact! It's so sad that so many people live with these symptoms every day and some people are so used to it they don't even "notice" it.
on 02/08/2013
Nervousness and anxiety are two of the most common illness in these days and there are many ways to avoid it with natural therapies avoiding the most harmful things like pills and recipes from doctors that claim that normal medicine has the solution for the human mind. Just try something new and find ways of relaxing yourself naturally

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