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Smart Flirting : tips to get his/her attention

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Smart Flirting : tips to get his/her attention

Flirting is one of the most interesting alternatives to demonstrate that we have a special interest in someone. Flirting can be really a very charming and attractive game, especially when both parties involved. However, that is not always the case, and often only one person is interested in flirting while the other shows no signs of attraction. What desperately trying to call his/her attention and get nothing!

Most people experience unrequited love at sometime in their lives. However, all is not lost forever. Often, an intelligent flirtation approach can help the other person and get much more than if he/she only acts on impulse, visceral or sentimental ways. Here we share some tips for you to accomplish your flirting to make something elegant, spontaneous and very attractive.

What you should know first

Prior to flirt, you should be aware of why you want to approach the other person. The more clear this is for you, your flirting will work much better. You need to be clear on this, not so much the answer, but honesty. So do not judge why you want to get near, you just talk it clearly. For example, if you love a boy or a girl from school, work or wherever, try to define what you like about him or her. You may say things like: "It's very cute, very fun, is so smart and so."

Many times it is unclear why we want to approach someone and say things like "I do not know why I like her but I like her". If this is your case, allow yourself to explore a little more about what you feel, try to mention some of their virtues or qualities that you are attracted to, if you explore a bit more, you will be secure and begin to collect what you love.

Once you have more or less defined the above, then you have far more tools to be attractive, and you'll see it later. For now, take into account these tips to start flirting. It is important to know that being nearby, i.e. in a classroom, or work area, etc., is a favorable factor to be able to have more opportunities to work your flirting. However, if you like a person who doesn’t live with you often, you can try other forms that are also listed below.

Tips for a flirtation with intelligence

1. INTRODUCTION: It is important to always show as you are and be as spontaneous as you can about your image, that you dress as you like and feel comfortable. However, there are some basic rules that you must not forget, like being clean, presentable clothes, teeth and nails clean, presentable, that your hair looks natural. Dirty or untidy hair, or clothes or bad smelling mouth are one of the greatest impediments to shade the attraction.

2. THE PATH OF YOUR HEART: we all have a path to reach our heart. There are those who do not find it hard to get to it and feel attached to the first sight. But you know there are people who could not enter your heart, even if they want, they just do not attract you. What is this? In the bottom of our hearts, we like the conquest of new things and represent a challenge. What is already conquered and easy, predictable or known, is not as attractive. So take into account the fact that the person you like is someone who is also seeking to conquer something new. Why do we like to win? Because it is a way of feeling the strength of our heart. Because it is a way and we can grow. Able to conquer a heart is the greatest feat of satisfaction for one person. Do not forget this.

3. ATTRACT… DO NOT GET AWAY!: Flirting is something that could serve to attract and to keep away. So it is necessary that from the beginning you're very patient, because if you exceed certain limits in your flirting, then what will you be doing is to get away. The best thing when you like someone is giving a very soft sample of attraction, for example, a special look, a smile. This must be very spontaneous, nothing theatrical or feigned, that is, do not try to be seductive or copy poses, smiles or looks only with spontaneity and simplicity.

4. NEED AGAINST CARISMA: If there are no responses, do not feel someone punished, hurt or rejected, because it means that you take seriously something that should be an exploration game. If you feel so bad for someone rejecting you, then you need to lighten your sense of need before continuing the flirting, because the need covers your charisma. For this, you can start, for example, to create a personal world where you like to be without needing someone to feel special, valuable and important. Many times, we look to others for us to cover emotional needs, and you should avoid it because low charisma to zero. Here you can serve all those qualities that initially explored when you thought why you feel drawn or attracted to someone.

5. You need to be the most smiling and attentive or careful you can, but do not exaggerate in your care, it is best to wait until you request them, or gently offer your help or collaboration. If you are male, women will love that you do complimentary detail, and let them pass before you, help them load some heavy bag, ask if they are good at certain times, or if they need your help, and more. Even spontaneous and sincere compliments like "you look nice today". But do not abuse them.

6. It is recommended not to express or confess what you feel, until you begin to see answer of another person, so even though you feel your heart jump, you'd better give it freedom on the other hand, either writing , reading or painting something.

7. Find moments to talk about something you like or catches your eye with him or her. If you see that does not follow the thread, then do not push and change the conversation to something droll or funny. If someone who does not live with you often, you can choose to send a mail.

8. Do not ask personal things unless he or she is tell that to you.

9. Finally, create an image of yourself as worthy and admirable, and stick when you meet this person.

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2 Reviews about Smart Flirting : tips to get his/her attention
on 01/10/2014
Aaah, I just...I just want to tell everyone who reads these that they should just be themselves, be confident in who they are, and if they havent reached that level of confidence yet, they're not ready to be invested in a relationship yet. Let's start thinking about what we have to give to the other, rather than what we can get.
on 31/03/2013
I think everybody likes flirting but some people are more capable of are better than others, but it?s just an activity of every human, something we do to conquer someone or to feel more confident, so it?s a matter of fact that you should try it, not only for love purposes but to gain confidence and avoid getting depressed, it is always good to feel understood and loved.

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