Escape to Tibet: Far from stress and everyday life Flucht in den Tibet: weg vom Stress des Alltags Huida al Tibet: lejos del estrés y la cotidianidad

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Escape to Tibet: Far from stress and everyday life

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Escape to Tibet: Far from stress and everyday life

Today the search for new destinations is becoming more and more adventurous and the criteria is not always due to a simple need for adventure. Extended work schedules, long hours at the computer or driving a car in congested cities where there is often contaminated air, not to mention the noise of many people in small spaces, have raised the need to escape from stress and get closer to cultures that handle a very different philosophy to time, family and health.

One of those destinations is China and the far East: particularly Tibet. Although this country does not belong to China, there is a great Chinese influence here. Traveling to China is an opportunity to discover wonderful landscapes, numerous temples that invite reflection and admiration for a culture that has a huge influence in modern-day Tibet.

When setting out on this adventure, it is very important that you plan the trip from your home country with a serious travel agency, and you cannot go by yourself. You need a visa to enter China and Tibet. In Tibet there are many places with passport controls and you must present a valid passport. Agencies offer you some tours with the ability to modify them according to your interests. In Tibet, you'll always be accompanied by an English speaking guide.

The magic of Lhasa and its temples

The Tibetan people speak their own language, so know that if you only speak English, you will not get very far. Both in China and Tibet it is always better to record addresses in Chinese with a native speaker, because the accents are very difficult to pronounce and differentiate, and most times the people will not understand you. In this case it is best to communicate with signs, indicating where to go or what you want. For example, you can buy a phone card pointing your mobile phone: This way you can communicate with your country very cheaply, as Internet sites like Facebook and Twitter are blocked.

Tibetans are friendly and very religious people, with the majority of the population observing the Buddhist faith. Temples and monasteries are some of the most popular sites to visit, and their rites and customs can transport you to another time in a mystical, almost magical and deep relaxation. In this way you can flee the stress of your day-to-day life whilst enjoying a new and very diverse culture.

The roads are inaccessible and can wind on for hours and hours, due to the fact that the infrastructure does not yet offer all "Western" amenities for visitors. If you were amazed in China with exotic dishes, which often you will not want to know what the ingredients are, cuisine in Tibet does not offer much variety. Typical foods include barley flour tortillas and a very strong tea which they drink with yak butter. Occasionally yak meat is consumed, but there are also some restaurants on the tourist trail that offer other food. It is always important to drink plenty of water because the weather is very dry here. The capital Lhasa is 3650 meters high and other places are even higher. Here is the Palace of the Dalai Lhama and Johkang Monastery, which is definitely worth a visit. The Sera Monastery which has a very curious garden where the monks gather can be observed by tourists. Along the way there are many more temples and sites of interest, especially if you love soaking up the culture and architecture, there are several options for you to visit.

You can reach the Everest base camp and take a beautiful picture when it is not cloudy. Generally in most parts of China and Tibet is not forbidden to take pictures, but if you are attempting to photograph the locals, it is certainly better to ask their permission first. To climb this mountain you must declare this before when booking at the travel agency. You also need to be in good physical condition, be used to or prepared for the high altitudes, as well as having your own appropriate equipment and special permission.

If your desire is to discover the charm of an ancient culture and find rest and peace in your heart by discovering old temples, breathing the pure mountain air and enjoying every magical landscape worthy of a photo, Tibet is the perfect place for this adventure that begins today.

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6 Reviews about Escape to Tibet: Far from stress and everyday life
on 24/02/2016
This is a nice introductory article to the country of Tibet, however it fails to mention the amount of tension that exists between it and China - not only does China "have a lot of influence" there, it is illegally occupying and controlling Tibet through its very oppressive government (you may have heard of the "Free Tibet" campaign which has been running for many, many years). The people of Tibet have suffered shocking human rights abuses, but because it has been going on for so long now, many people have stopped caring, hence the more recent cases of Buddhist monks setting themselves on fire to bring attention to the situation once more. Do your research before writing these articles, as it paints a pretty picture of a country oppressed and in a lot of pain. This is no reason not to visit Tibet, but be aware of your surroundings rather than going just to take some nice pictures. Namaste!
on 25/07/2014
Traveling is definitely one of those activities that brings out the most vibrant life and deepest sense of peace I've ever felt. Some of the best moments I've ever had in my life were spent on the road and travelling. Perhaps it's just a sense of freedom, or maybe it's the places I go, but reading this article really inspires a desire to go to Tibet.
on 24/11/2013
This article have waken a feeling of travelling around the world in me, and this feels very good, but with the work and the studies probably i won't make that, still there is a dream of travelling at least to another continent and see the marvelous world
on 16/11/2013
Imagine how marvelous would be being in a magical place like the Tibet, I have listened very good reviews about this place, and now I want to do it by myself, please, it would be very nice if you post more information, maybe some specific places to enjoy the stay
on 09/11/2013
My father have always told me to be smart and save the money to travel around the world and I have been always interested in this place, I do not but it is calling me, to have a nice trip with no troubles, just to calm my body and spirit and come back as a new person, that would be awesome and this article could be a sign
on 04/11/2013
I am very glad to see that you are posting articles with different topics, and now traveling, this is very good for the people reading this as maybe we have heard about this kind of places but haven?t made up our minds yo go ahead and try a trip to the Tibet which sounds pretty interesting!

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