Five Self-exams that can Save Your Life Fünf Selbstuntersuchungen die Ihr Leben retten können Cinco Autoexámenes que pueden Salvar tu Vida

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Five Self-exams that can Save Your Life

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Five Self-exams that can Save Your Life

To what degree are we aware of the danger posed by cancer in our lives, do we do something to take care of? Unfortunately this terrible disease grows enormously every day and not just in poor countries but also in developed. But have you ever wondered if we do something to prevent it. You should know that power to realize ourselves is in our hands the and often self-exams help to detect this disease early and fight it.

There are five forms of self-examine, if you do not know, read carefully to put them into practice as soon as possible.

In the breast

The BSE is one of the basic methods to detect a potential tumor. This should be done at least once a month.

Today it is more common to see women dong it, thanks to that early detection of a lump has increased, this means that women are becoming aware of the importance of early prevention.

The best time to get a breast self-exam is 7 days after the start of the period of the rule, only in this way the breasts are not very sensitive or have protrusions characteristic of the menstrual cycle.

If you have reached menopause, the examination should be performed on the same day each month.

How to do it?

Lie face down so that the breast exam is easier.

  • Place your right hand behind your head. With the middle fingers of the left hand press gently but firmly making small motions to examine the entire right breast.
  • Then, while sitting or standing, palpate the armpit because breast tissue extends into this area.
  • Gently squeeze the nipple, checking for discharge. Repeat the process on the left breast.
  • Next, stand in front of a mirror with your arms at your sides.
  • Look at your breasts in the mirror directly and look for changes in texture, like dimples, wrinkles, dents or skin that looks like orange peel.
  • Also observe the shape and contour of each breast.
  • Check to see if the nipple is indented.
  • Do the same with your arms raised above your head.

Most women have some lumps so do not be alarmed.

In Testicles

The examination must be made by one monthly, and by an urologist doctor at least once a year.

When you do it seek a relaxed moment, as when bathing or resting. Commonly testicles contain blood vessels and other structures that can make the exam confusing. If you notice any lumps or changes in your testicles, you should contact your doctor, even if you have not done self exams regularly.

How to do it?

  • Gently feel your scrotal sac to locate a testicle.
  • Hold the testicle with one hand while rolling the fingers of the other hand gently but firmly on the testicle to examine the entire surface.
  • Repeat with the other testicle.

 People with a family history of testicular cancer should be rigorous in this regard.

Self-examination should be performed if any of the following risk factors:

  • Previous testicular tumor
  • Cryptorchidism

This procedure helps you detect orchitis (inflammation of one or both testicles). Also trauma, birth defects and even testicular cancer in early stages and cure it.

Warning Signs

If you notice pain in the testicles or around the groin, or lumps, if one testicle has been resized or have another type of coloring, etc., these are warning signs that must not be overlooked.

It is noteworthy that inflammation in this area is usually given for complicated urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted diseases and accidental bumps. Therefore, once you have symptoms, these should be checked by a specialist to give a correct diagnosis.

It is worth mentioning that it is normal for one testicle to be slightly larger than the other and that one hangs below.

In the Oral Cavity

Problem with gums, canker sores or bleeding and lumps inside the mouth are of care, these can be diseases ranging from periodontitis to mouth cancer.

It is also advisable to palpable lips inside and out with your fingers along a path shaped oval. These should be smooth, hydrated, shiny and pink coral, firm and without the presence of nodules or tumors. The presence of small elevations naturally is called Fordayce granules and occurs on the lower lip on the inside and this asymptomatic.

The gums should be firm, shiny consistency, coral pink to light red, free from bleeding on palpation.


Regularly check your own skin for any abnormal growths or unusual changes. This test helps find any suspicious skin problem. The earlier you are diagnosed with skin cancer, the greater the chance you have to heal it.

It is recommended that skin self-examination is conducted once a month. This should ideally in a room with a full-length mirror so you can see your entire body.

It is best to do it after bathing, while breast self-examination is performed.

When you are performing skin self-examination, look for: moles that appear or grow suddenly. If they have asymmetric shape, different colors, jagged edges and other details, you should visit a dermatologist.

Alert in urination

Urinating more than eight times a day is definitely a sign that something is wrong in the body. It could be a bladder, prostate or kidney problem. This can be due to a neurological disease or spinal injury.

The goal is to find anything new or different. If you do, call your doctor immediately.

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7 Reviews about Five Self-exams that can Save Your Life
on 19/07/2014
This is really good advice. We hear so much about self breast exams, but not much is said really about testical, oral, skin or urinary exams. I know melanoma is the deadliest skin cancer out there...lots of people die from it. Thanks for the advice. I'm sure it will save someone someday.
on 15/06/2014
I think this article provides excellent and very useful information. We must take into account that we may save our lives only by using our hands.
Thank you for sharing such great tips.

on 13/06/2014
Cancer is a terrible disease, and we are frightened just by pronouncing the word. For this reason, some people tend to avoid thinking about it because it is too scary; however, the key is to face the disease. Everybody needs to know as much as possible about cancer in order to be well prepared to combat it.

I think this article presents extremely useful information. We are the ones who know more about our body, so we should be expert at detecting any changes in it. It is our responsibility to take care of ourselves, and we must understand that prevention is a key element in order to win the fight against this dreadful disease.

on 12/06/2014
I found this article very interesting as well as helpful. It takes on a more general view of different types of cancer and it has helped me become more aware of several warning signs.

on 12/06/2014
Yes, it is true we are more conscious about cancer and how to detect it on time; however, I think, this acceptance must be increased.
In case of women, we have to accept prevention is a key factor to avoid and discover problems in a timely manner.
Thank you very much for sharing with us this important information.

on 12/06/2014
This is very useful information.

I was never really aware of the BSE test to detect a breast tumor until my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and that raised my awareness.

Ever since, I see the doctor once a year, and also conduct a BSE test once a month. It is always better to prevent and be aware in a world where has unfortunately become part of every day life for millions of people.

on 12/06/2014
Self breast examination is especially important nowaday with the high risk of breast cancer at a young age.

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