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First Workshop in Galicia about Emotional Freedom Techniques

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First Workshop in Galicia about Emotional Freedom Techniques

The next days 12th, 13th and October 14th will receive the first workshop in Galicia EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques - taught by Paul Bailey prestigious British therapist.

Paul Bailey is a simple man, charismatic and affable that instills confidence with his calm and his sense of humor. His workshops are like small oases where he share his vast experience and wisdom to reach us all. His personal style helps us connect with our true self, free from negative patterns. Paul Bailey is not an Advanced  Pratictioner of EFT as you can see.

Curriculum of Paul Bailey includes Dipcouns. RSA Cert. M. NLP. Licensed Psychological Counselor. Professor and College of Advanced Psychological Therapist AMT, Lecturer and Professor Reg HRG in counseling. RSA. British degrees.

Deadline to reserve a place is on October 3rd at midnight.

The workshop will be to teach the Level I and II, both individually and collectively.


  • Level I: 150 Euros
  • Level II: 200 Euros
  • Levels I and II: 300 Euros
  • CD and Manual will be delivered in Spanish and certified
  • Coffee Breaks
  • Lunch included
  • Hours 11:00 a.m. to 02.00pm and 6.00pm to 03.00pm Square

Book: 100 Euros

There are Spanish translators if necessary.

Deputy our brochure to find any further information you may need.

  • How would you feel with no anxiety, no phobias, addictions like smoking or eating compulsively, releasing your emotions?
  • How would you feel able to help your loved ones to overcome their problems after attending the workshop?

We can show you how the combination of ancient wisdom based on the energy meridians along with recent western psychological discoveries, we will help you get a full and lasting recovery.

Experience this new paradigm of healing yourself through learning "Tapping" -- activation of the acupuncture meridians with the fingers- to improve the least radical but your emotional health, physical and mental. You can even overcome the compulsive habit of smoking or any other habit you may have with EFT.

A totally natural method in which you can trust and see results from the first time. Guaranteed. The EFT never ceases to surprise us because it really works!

Take the chance now and reserve your place now, are limited.

Meet Paul Bailey, visit his web and his colleagues:

MenteSanas Center: Center for courses and vacation retreats of natural therapies.

Yolande Calvert MenteSanas Center Director, Teacher of Reiki Usui / Tibetan, Founder of the courses Readings Energy Medicine and Energy among others. 986 230675 (office hours evenings)

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1 Reviews about First Workshop in Galicia about Emotional Freedom Techniques
on 29/09/2015
I would say that the majority of the population has a very vague idea of what it actually means to love without dependency. There are a lot of people that depend on others, and never free themselves to be independent in a healthy way. This sounds like a great workshop.

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