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First Awards for Organic Journalists

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First Awards for Organic Journalists

The call of the first Awards for Organic Journalists by PresseForum BioBranche had a major impact. It is especially seeking items to be analyzed in depth the wide range of issues around organic agriculture, manufacturing and marketing of their products, as well as the values of health and enjoyment of organic food. Especially articles that provide further disclosure of these issues in broad layers of the population are appreciated.

The jury is difficult, since there have been many contributions from the press, radio and television between which will choose the winners.

The award ceremony will be held during the BioFach Fair in the new CCN Ost congress center of NürnbergMesse on 17.2.2006, 11 to 12 h. in Room Hongkong.

The former Minister of Consumer Protection invite, Renate Künast, will speak, for whom the competent information about healthy eating and ecological behavior is a personal concern.

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2 Reviews about First Awards for Organic Journalists
on 30/10/2014
Organic journalists, huh? What exactly does that mean? Do they specialize in the topic of organic agricultre? At any rate, it does sound like a good idea. At this day and age journalism is becoming cheapened and overran with meaningless topics, its good to see that someone is actually emphasizing the importance of organics in journalism!
on 03/03/2014
I have not seen any award like that near here, and even though there are many people interested in the topic and are written many important facts of the organic and new alternatives to help the world, this should be implemented in any other parts or the recruiters should help the people who are far away to propose works too

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