First national campaign to promote organic products Die erste nationale Kampagne zur Förderung der Bio-Produkte Primera campaña nacional para fomentar productos ecológicos

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First national campaign to promote organic products

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First national campaign to promote organic products

Although 72.5% of the Spanish population had heard of organic products, less than half the regularly consume them.

Spain is the second country in Europe to surface organic production and exports 80% of its production.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA) has launched a national information campaign and promotion of products from organic agriculture, financed by the European Union, which will run along the next two years. The aim is to spread awareness of this type of food among the Spanish population and encourage consumption to stimulate domestic demand.

Present, 62'1% of the Spanish population does not consume organic products because of ignorance or because they do not find them easily.

The campaign, which is the first of its kind in Spain, starts with the organization of the first "Organic Agriculture Week," which includes a program of promotional activities aimed at Spanish families, professionals trade and education and consumer associations. In addition to media advertising campaign, this initiative includes the installation of "thinking points" in various centers of power as well as editing material and information guides.

Under the slogan "Organic Agriculture: Live it", the ministry also wants to support the agricultural sector by strengthening domestic demand as well as offering citizens a choice of consumption that in Europe has a large acceptance. To support this outreach work, the Ministry has launched a website ( with information about the qualities and use of food production.

Organic Agriculture in Spain 

Spain has a land area of organic agriculture of over 800,000 hectares, the production reached an estimated 250 million euros in 2004 and involved more than 1,700 processing industries. Andalusia is the first Community in terms of ecological management in our country, followed by Aragón, Extremadura, Castilla La Mancha and Catalonia. 26% of the total area is devoted to cereals and legumes, followed by Olive (25%) and other crops such as nuts or grapes.

Although Spain is the second country in Europe and eighth in the world with the largest areas of organic agriculture, it is estimated that 80% of Spanish production of such products are mainly exported to Europe, especially Germany, Holland, France and the UK, where they arrived on all fresh produce. The consumption of products from organic agriculture in the domestic market still accounts for less than 1% of expenditure on food for the Spaniards.

Consumption habits and distribution 

According to a study conducted by MAPA on "Organic Agriculture in Spain," although a 72'5% of the Spanish population had heard of food from organic origin, there is still a high percentage (62.1%) of citizens who do not consume. Ignorance is the main cause (33'3%), followed by other reasons that are not readily available (31'3%) or have a higher price (28'1%). The main reasons for that are that are consumed are healthier (62'7%), have better flavor (37'2%), with its quality (26'2%) and awareness about OA (6'9%).

From the standpoint of distribution, its leaders considered problem, the time to offer organic products in their establishments, the highest price, the narrow range of products, difficult to find them in the canals and irregular supply. Still, 47'3% has this type of food between their product offerings, and 8 out of 10 believe that organic products developed in the coming years.

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2 Reviews about First national campaign to promote organic products
on 23/11/2015
Organic agriculture really has started to grow and spread, and even more since this article was written. I'm super glad that the Spanish government is getting involved in making organic agriculture more accessible. I wish the US government would do something similar for its people.
on 04/01/2014
Of course that the organic has grew a lot in the last years, and maybe Spain is one of the countries that did the best work offering information about it because now the numbers are very different and most of the people prefer the organic instead of the common

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