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First meals for your baby

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First meals for your baby

After six months, our babies are apt to include solid foods in their diet, but the transition from milk to baby food should be a friendly and natural, with no pressure or a struggling to force the small to eat.

Through complementary feeding on demand, babies will discover flavors, textures, colors and smells, as well as get more independence and self-confidence. They improve hand-eye coordination and most importantly, they get the nutrients needed for further development and growth.

At first it may be somehow difficult as they are not used to chew, babies tend to reject or accept the food, but in very small numbers, this is normal, that say experts in child nutrition as Gill Rapley, a member of the team of "Baby Friendly Hospitals" of UNICEF in the United Kingdom.

That is why they should not get fat with the amount they receive; little by little they will enjoy more this time and give more signs if they like a food. Yes, we as moms should not lose patience and play with our creativity to make the mealtime a fun time for the baby.

Some tips

For your baby is more likely to consume solid foods, here are some recommendations you should follow.

First, find a place where your baby feel comfortable, a highchair, which is erect, at a desk or perhaps in your arms, but keep the body upright and stable a position where he can use his hands and arms freely.

The food you prepare must be crushed and should be consistent and thick, not runny. Add a teaspoon of olive oil or butter.

If you want to feed with a spoon, put it in front of him, and offer it. If you want, let him catch it with his hand, they want to feel what they are eating.

When it's time to eat, do it too, stimulating to see all the family doing the same is a way for they to imitate what we do.

If you are manipulating the food, don’t get distracted, focus, take the time you need. Under no circumstances force them to eat. If they do not want to eat, do not push and try later.

And do not forget that we all need to drink water, so give some after eating.

What not to eat

In the process of his first solid foods, be careful because the baby is not ready to eat all meals. For example to avoid a predisposition to allergies, it is not convenient to eat the white part of the egg, or any type of citrus, like orange, tangerine and lemon.

Among meats, you should start with chicken, turkey or ground beef, not pork. You should wait until seven months to give beans, like oats.

Do not suppress milk

Supplementary feeding as its name implies, is a supplement to their basic diet with milk. Even if your baby is getting well eating solid foods, you should not take away lactation, since it is the first of main nutrition sources, until the first year.

The first meals

It is true that moms sometimes get stressed and do not know what else to prepare for our family and especially for our baby. Who wants to eat the same every day, not even a baby, you need a variety of flavors, textures and smells.

Here I'll give you some recipes to make mealtime a special time for your baby and you.

Vegetables puree and chicken

In a pot make a broth with chicken breast, yellow potatoes, carrots, squash and beans. When everything is cooked, blend it and add a teaspoon of olive oil or butter.

Vegetables puree with fish

Use approximately 50 g of boiled white fish, 1 small yellow potato, pumpkin, 1/4 slice of onion, a tablespoon of olive oil and a pinch of salt.

Asparagus puree

Parboil asparagus for about 7 minutes, using only the tips, when it’s tender blend it and add yellow potatoes and mix, add some milk and a teaspoon of butter.

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2 Reviews about First meals for your baby
on 02/08/2014
What an exciting time for baby and parents alike. There's so much to keep in mind for the little guy, it's hard to keep it straight. When I have a child,I definitely would like to blend my own foods for baby when he's ready. I saw a dad the other day that was feeding his kid a mashed up avocado, and baby just loved it! What a great idea!
on 29/11/2012
Nice recipes I tried yesterday the asparagus puree and my baby liked it a lot! It?s important for us moms to be careful with the feeding of our babies and avoid giving them bad food like candies, cookies and more, because they just get a bad habit since little. So it?s our work to protect them from many nutritional diseases.

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