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First International Organic Wine Fair

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First International Organic Wine Fair

The first International Wine Fair presented Ecological wines from Spain, France and Portugal.
About 80 producers will set out their wines in Pamplona.
Importers from Europe, the Far-East, North America and Europe will be present at this meeting.

FIVE-BIO, the first International Ecological Wine Fair in Spain will take place on May 11th and 12th in Navarre. This event, the first of its kind undertaken in our country, will feature organic production of wine from Portugal, southwest France and of all Spanish wine regions, both mainland and island territories. The meeting, organized by NEA (Association of Organic Farming of Navarra) aims to become the showcase of organic wine in southwestern Europe and be a point of exchange between the various actors involved in the production and marketing of this product with each reception among consumers.

FIVE-BIO, which seeks to highlight and promote the great diversity of organic wine production in this whole European region, will be attended by business visitors to central and northern Europe and the Far East and North America, where organic consumption is well developed. The fair, which is addressed to the various professionals in the wine industry: producers, distributors, traders, and the hotel industry and catering, intended to gather between 60 and 80 wineries in production. The meeting has the support of the Navarre Chamber of Commerce, Council of Agricultural Production and FEPECO Navarre (Spanish Federation of Enterprises with organic products). FIVE also is being sponsored by the Government of Navarra, ICAM-Reyno Gourmet Appellation Navarra and Caja Rural de Navarra.

First Five-BIO
Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones El Baluarte
Pamplona, Navarra

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2 Reviews about First International Organic Wine Fair
on 25/10/2014
Wow. Really? An international organic wine fair - that must have been HUGE! I would be really curious to see how it turned out, or if they decided to make it annual at all. That definitely is a super good idea, and I could see it becoming a very big annual festival. I would love to go to one someday.
on 30/04/2013
Good initiative, the most important thing is to create events that promote the organic production, the earth needs this and soon! Organic wines is a good choice to start the change and more things like this one should have take please in the different countries

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