Firm breasts with targeted exercises Gezielte Übungen für eine feste Brust Pechos firmes con  ejercicios focalizados

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Firm breasts with targeted exercises

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Firm breasts with targeted exercises

All women want to have firm breasts forever, but over time, pregnancy, lactation and lack of exercise cause that gravity wins the battle after all.

If this is your case and you think there is no solution rather than surgery, it’s not like that, Biomanantial gives you an alternative, which is the practice of targeted exercises, but to see results you must have patience and the will to not abandon them.

The good news is that this routine does not take a lot of time and you only need a pair of dumbbells or weights of up to two kilograms. If you do not have them, you can use a bag of rice, cans or milk cans, one for each hand.

Pay attention and practice them

The first exercise will help you give back a firm and turgid bust doing push-ups; you flex your arms while keeping your knees on the floor. For this, you should support your hands on the floor with a separation that is the same as your shoulders or a little more and keep your knees together on the floor. Low your body by bending arms near to the bottom, touch the ground and then go back to the position where you started.

You must make four to ten repetitions during the first week, from eleven to fourteen in two and three weeks, and then from the fourth month, make fifteen to twenty repetitions.

A second exercise to help you achieve your goal is the next one:

Lie on the floor and bend your knees, separate slightly your feet to keep the stability and don’t swing to the sideways. Stretch your arms above your head with a dumbbell in each hand and slowly separate arms almost touching the floor with the weights, do it slowly so you feel the pressure in your chest. Then again raise arms over your head.

Ten to fifteen repetitions should be performed during the first week, 16 to 20 during the second and third week, for the forth, you must make between 21 and 25 repetitions.

For the third exercise, lie on the floor with bent knees and hands behind your neck with the elbows separated. Then bend your belly, as if you were doing sit-ups, but bringing each elbow to opposite knee without touching it. Go back down and alternate with the other elbow and knee.

Make ten to fifteen times during the first week, 16 to 20 during the second and third, and 21 to 25 repetitions for the fourth.

For another exercise, take two pound weights in each hand, you can also make them with bottles filled with water, sand or legumes such as lentils and rice, if you want them a little heavier.

After standing in a strong position or with legs slightly separated, open arms like a cross and close at the elbows, bringing the two weights at once to the chest. Once the weights touch you, repeat the procedure.

Repetitions: Do two sets of 10 repetitions.

Another way is to extend the arms forward and join the palms of the hands, pressing them against each other tightly, and keep this position for about 30 seconds.

Repeat 20 times.

Good luck and do not forsake the years, often laziness and discouragement are our main opponents.

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2 Reviews about Firm breasts with targeted exercises
on 15/07/2014
This is kind of a silly title, and makes me giggle. But beyond that, the exercises are very good. Thanks for the suggestions, I'm really excited to give it a try. Even though you wouldn't necessarily think of it, yoga is actually a really good upper body toner. Ever since I've started a somewhat routine practice, my upper body - especially shoulders and back - have become a lot more defined. Thanks for the tips!
on 28/11/2012
I was just looking for this! It?s amazing to know that there are exercises to avoid the law of gravity for at least a couple of years more. I?ll follow these instructions to see the results. I really hope they work because getting older is something we can?t deny but to enjoy and look for the good things.

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