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Fira Natura VIII: Environment and Quality of Life

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Fira Natura VIII: Environment and Quality of Life

On March 3th, Friday at five p.m. until 7 days, there will be the eighth edition of Fira Natura.

This is a show dedicated to the environment and the quality of life, is one of the greatest exhibition related to the environment and quality of life of those made in Catalonia, and the largest in the area of influence Lleida, which has a potential audience of 350,000 people.

Fira Natura was born and remains firm in order to encourage responsible use of the environment, fostering respectful coexistence with society.

Fira Natura has experienced in just 7 years of life, a spectacular growth, both in exhibitors as visitors, so Fira Natura 2003 again exceeded all expectations.

Strict eligibility criteria are still a quality, competence and confidence. Participating in the fair is full of successes, experiences, days techniques and activities of current maximum.

During 5 years, Fira Natura has been consolidated with an increase of 250%, a fact that gives confidence to our exhibitors and our visitors.

In our next edition, we will have 5000 m2 exhibition and 140 exhibitors. Fira Natura is currently one of the largest environmental events in Catalonia and Aragon, and became a benchmark nationally and internationally.


Area of Information and Public address, Left & Closet Eco-Bar, Restaurant and Bio-rest area, Nursery and Child Game area, Medical Assistance, bicycle parking, childcare and adoption of dogs and cats.


Exhibition, General Exhibitions outreach, screening room, entertainment area for education and entertainment. Fair will conduct various events of an informative nature.


Symposia, Conferences, workshops, screenings, educational activities for schools, recreational activities, exhibitions and competitions, etc. ...

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