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Film Festival Biocultura

Under the Fair of Conscious Consumer and Ecological Products Biocultura, there is the importance of the film festival in Biocultura. The festival portrays success and accompanying motion of the biological culture.

The Fair itself is international in character, held annually in Barcelona and Madrid, and is situated in the second of its kind held in Europe, with its 24 editions in Madrid.

We refer to the most important fair of the Spanish state, which is expected on this occasion attended by over 700 exhibitors and over 80,000 visitors.

Biocultura is undoubtedly a symbol of change, necessary and essential to take the final step towards a truly sustainable world.

Biocultura: cinema as an expression of a reality

This year, films will be screened in some way or another related to sustainable development and Biocultura. The quotation is from 7 to May 10 in Room 1 of the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona, and present films that won international awards.

In addition to the screening of the 16 hours of the internationally awarded films, lectures and debates will be conducted on films intimately connected with the theme of the exhibition, those made at 18 pm..

Program by day

Thursday May 7:

16h Tantric Sex: Do not look down

The director of "The Dark Side of the Heart," a story that explores the discovery of tantric sex by their protagonists. Eloy is a boy of 19 years and his father dies. On the way to adulthood, will meet Elvira, that will take him through unfamiliar areas of his mind and reality.
Awards: Festival of Guadalajara (Best Director, Best Actor) and Festival of Montreal.

18h ECO-INTELLIGENT DESIGN: Cradle to Cradle. The next industrial revolution
From the Cradle to Cradle, a still little known in Spain, which could revolutionize the world of industry. According to its inventors, industry and the environment are not contrary or enemies, but, combined, can offer opportunities to reach beyond the efficiency. * Discussion after the screening.

Friday May 8:

16h TRADITION: Sufism for peace

Sufism is Islam Original. This documentary takes you to the original understanding of the philosophy of Islam, through interviews with some Sufi teachers (sheikhs) and their followers around the world, giving special attention to the chapter about terrorism called "Islamic".

18h CLIMATE CHANGE: Climate SOS. Manual for a spacecraft

A film about the effects of global warming produced by Friends of the Earth Spain. Depicts the various situations around one of the most complex problems of our time and raises the urgency to initiate a dialogue on solutions. * Discussion after the screening.

Saturday May 9:

16h BUDDHISM: Miralepa

Film inspired by the biography of the great Tibetan teacher and yogi Miralepa. Directed by the Bhutanese Buddhist monk Neten Choklin Rimponché, had a crew of 108 people, number of sponsorship of the Buddhist tradition. Miralepa, born in 1052, is the story of a man who rose from poverty to the domain of black magic until he met the teacher who leads him to enlightenment.


Documentary focusing on providing various solutions to overcome conflicts, environmental, social and spiritual. Journalists, farmers, entrepreneurs, retirees, bankers, scientists, lawyers, housewives ... show us ways to achieve this utopia, which again seems unattainable. * Discussion after the screening.

Sunday May 10:

16h DISEASES AND FAMILY: The Pandora Box

The story of three very different brothers who have no respect at all to learn how to take care of their elderly mother with Alzheimer's disease. A production of the Fran-Turkish director Yesim Ustaoglu.
Awards: Festival de San Sebastián 2008 (Golden Shell for Best Film and Best Actress Silver Shell)

18h WOMEN IN WEST: The moon inside you

This documentary film tells the story of the director explores how women and men experience and clarifies misperceptions about menstruation period for women in Western countries. * Discussion after the screening.

Film Festival organizers: Fitness Association, in collaboration with Issan Karma Entertainment and Films, distributor of such films as "The Pandora's Box", screened at the festival and won the Concha de Oro del Festival de San Sebastián.

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2 Reviews about Film Festival Biocultura
on 16/10/2014
Oh how cool! I would love to see this film festival. I went to a super cool film festival in Bamf Canada, and it was absolutely amazing. It was a mutliple-day film festival, and ever since then I've been hooked! I can't believe that Spain has put together such a beautiful looking film festival, I'd really love to find a copy of it!
on 29/07/2013
A film festival to contribute to the world? That?s amazing and good for anybody in the world, I would love to see something like this, I?m going to look up for the movies described here and see the many information that movies can give to us.

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