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Fight against cellulite

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Fight against cellulite

It is an accumulation of fat or adipose tissue, whose peculiar appearance as bumps can be seen through the skin. It can affect anyone, and eliminating them can be a difficult task.

Usually, it is detected in areas like the legs, knees, and abdomen. Follow these simple tips to improve your appearance and eliminate it.

Through skin

Even though there is no definitive cure for cellulite, a good diet, proper hydration accompanied with natural water are perfect. Exfoliating your skin with the following ingredients may be a good idea:

  • 1 cup of ground coffee
  • 2 teaspoons of jojoba oil


  1. Form a paste with the ingredients.
  2. Extend in circular movements over the affected areas.
  3. Wash in the shower using warm water.
  4. Perform once per week.

In this way, you eliminate dead cells and circulation improves in areas with cellulite.

Diet Secrets

To get rid of cellulite, avoid the consumption of simple sugars, such as sugar, candy and sweetened beverages like sodas and processed juices. Reduce the amount of salt in food; also you should avoid meats, and excessively fatty foods like fried steaks or high in fat.

Drinking water helps you stay properly hydrated, but is also vital for the elimination of toxins; try to consume 6-8 glasses of water a day.

Eliminate from your diet: junk foods, fried foods, cookies and industrialized cakes.

Cellulite juices

Using ointments is not enough to combat it, it is also important to drain the toxins that accumulate in our body as a result of a sedentary lifestyle. You should take the next drink:

Place ½ cup of strawberries in the juicer, add the liquid from 3 oranges and blend with a stick of celery. After consuming it for a month, you will notice that cellulite starts to decrease.

Along with the above recommendations, you can add to your diet a glass of pineapple juice with celery, fasting, as it helps to eliminate toxins.

Tea against cellulite

To prepare this tea, dip a bunch of ulmaria flowers and leaves in two cups of hot water, wait 10 minutes, strain and drink a cup or two daily for 10 days, the results will leave you amazed.

Nutritious Massages

Although the problem is not in the skin surface, massage can provide agents that enter the area, and attack cellulite from within. A massage also activates the lymphatic drainage, which kills toxins and fat deposits accumulated in the affected areas. Make the following Massager:

Put 200 grams of hazelnuts in a cotton bag and sew it to close.
Slide circularly from the bottom to the upper part in the affected areas after bathing and before applying your body treatments. If you do this daily for 20 days, the effect of cellulite will be reduced.

As a second alternative, you can mix a cup of corn oil with half grape juice and two tablespoons of dried thyme.

Massage on the hips, buttocks and belly, then cover these areas with plastic to facilitate the ingredients get into your tissues. After 15 minutes, wash with warm water and apply a cream.

Food against cellulite

Foods that fight this problem have two important features:

  • They contain few calories.
  • They have excellent diuretic.

Some we can mention are pineapple, which accelerates tissue repair, eliminates toxins and retained fluids. Eat two slices after lunch.
Furthermore, one grapefruit, half an hour before breakfast, gets rid of toxins that were generated at night.

Train yourself

We cannot leave out physical activity. Exercise is the protagonist in our war against cellulite. A 45-minute session of spinning for example, four times a week will make the natural appearance of your skin and tissues resurface. In addition, the exercise also burns fat and tones your figure.

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2 Reviews about Fight against cellulite
on 23/09/2014
So, I was just reading another similar article about having nice legs, and it really made me realize that a lot of people are really asking questions about this. Diet and exercise are two SIMPLE keys to life, that if you EVER want to make yourself look and feel healthier, all you have to do is change those two aspects of your life!
on 29/01/2013
Cellulite is the worst thing that can happen to skin, and this is not something that just appears one day because you had bad luck, this is something that develops depending on the diet we have or the lifestyle we handle. So I really recommend to thing about this and choose a better and healthy life before having major problems.

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