Fibromyalgia: nutritional guidance, natural and alternative natural treatment Fibromyalgie: Ernährungsberatung, natürliche und alternative Behandlung Fibromialgia: guía nutricional, alternativas y tratamiento natural

» » Fibromyalgia: nutritional guidance, natural and alternative natural treatment

Fibromyalgia: nutritional guidance, natural and alternative natural treatment

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Fibromyalgia: nutritional guidance, natural and alternative natural treatment

Fibromyalgia is a term that comes from the Latin fibro, which refers to the connective tissue, the Greek myo, meaning muscle, and algia, severe pain. Fibromyalgia is not considered a disease but rather a set of symptoms and musculoskeletal disorders mainly characterized by extreme fatigue, persistent pain, and variable stiffness in muscles, tendons and surrounding soft tissue, among other symptoms. It is not a contagious disease, it is related to low emotional understanding and depressive, anxious or stressed moods.


  • Chronic pain and stiffness
  • Tenderness at specific points in the anatomy
  • Pain and fatigue in muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Digestive disorders such as abdominal pain, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, etc.
  • Paresthesia (tingling and numbness in hands and feet)
  • Excessive tiredness or exhaustion in general, which prevents to perform the daily tasks, which may become a disability.
  • Depression
  • Dry skin
  • Insomnia or difficulty sleeping
  • Voltage or morning stiffness
  • Headaches
  • Problems with thinking and memory, preventing normal operation of the subject


  • Anxiety or stress, physical or mental, emotions that can happen and/or be accentuated after separation with the couple, daily life and economic problems at work, etc.
  • Excessive exposure to moisture or cold.
  • Sleep disorders, poor sleep, feeling tired after sleep.
  • Having a rheumatic disease.
  • Depression and emotional states of anger or guilt may predispose to the disease.
  • After an infection, an accident.
  • Viral infections.
  • It may appear after suffering osteoarthritis, arthritis, lupus erythematosus, hemiplegia, etc.

How to cure it?

Trying to cure the pain with painkillers, drugs and medicines will not help cure the real problem, but perhaps to control it. It is necessary to help the body healy, not just numb it with drugs. The body has a powerful self-healing ability; it just requires us to give the information needed to simply restore the normal function and overall health.

Nutrition guide and diet for people with fibromyalgia

It is known in natural medicine that there is no disease, but only a toxic body which manifests itself in many ways, these forms are called diseases.
Inappropriate eating habits generate a long list of problems of all kinds in the body, including fibromyalgia.

For example, diets high in sugar products, refined and fried foods are the cause of many ailments.

White sugar damages terribly the nervous system, this product causes all sorts of nervous problems such as stress, depression, anxiety, etc. It is necessary to avoid this product, as well as refined carbohydrates (like white flour), and cow's milk, which only fills the body of toxins and creates what is known as toxemia or internal fever.

In addition, white sugar steals calcium from bones and metabolic processes, so that eventually can cause muscle and bone problems. It also causes demineralization of the body and wear organs and tissues. Do NOT substitute with artificial sweeteners or sugar substitutes, replace it with honey or brown sugar, or avoid consuming sweeteners for a while. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are sources of energy and are more beneficial to the body.

Natural foods and supplements for people with fibromyalgia:

  • Fresh vegetables: these should be in your daily diet, are rich in vitamins and minerals to begin a deep healing process. Make a fresh vegetable juice daily, and often include carrots, aloe, garlic and onion (in salads) and celery.
  • All foods rich in potassium, zinc, silicon and selenium, essential nutrients to cure this syndrome.
  • Vegetable fats such as olive oil extra virgin, olives, seeds like flax, sesame and sunflower, etc. Avoid fried foods, sausages and meats.
  • Whole grains, like amaranth, miso, corn, etc. also rich in vegetable protein, vitamins and minerals.
  • Magnesium is involved in the process of muscle contraction; its deficiency causes a malfunction, cramps and spasms, as well as apathy and weakness.
  • Antioxidants: vitamin C, A and E must be present in your diet. Often, include orange, avocado, lemon, carrot, seaweed, sprouts, alfalfa, soybeans, amaranth, etc.
  • Some supplements can be helpful to restore balance and harmony of the body. Chlorophyll, flaxseed, honey bee, seaweeds like spirulina, green tea, goji berries, and aloe juice are excellent additions to your daily diet, they help to fight fatigue and depression and help keep your body clean of toxins and accumulated waste.
  • The vegetable oil and milk should be used instead of cow's milk and refined oils. Soy or almonds milk is a rich source of calcium, a mineral that must be in your diet.

Recommended Diet:

FASTING: drink the juice of a lemon squeezed into a glass of warm water. Sip slowly and do not eat anything before and hour.
BREAKFAST: Fruit dish with sesame seeds. Recommended fruits are papaya, pineapple, banana (which can be used in smoothies too), orange and guava. Do not combine sweet fruits with acids or with other cooked foods. Prepare fruit juice or you can eat them in salads, mix occasionally with vegetable milk or seeds.
FOOD: rice with steamed fish or vegetable soup not too cooked; always combine with a salad or fruit juice. Never eat fruit desserts or sugary drinks after eating. Drink a glass of warm water.
DINNER: oats with soy milk, vegetarian sandwich, steamed vegetables, etc.
BETWEEN MEALS: eat salads and fruits, and avoid sweets, pastries and foods that only hinder your health.

Natural Treatments:

  • Acupuncture, reflexology and acupressure: there are points on the human body that are associated with blockages of the meridians, and are linked to diseases of the organs, mainly to liver, kidney, spleen and heart. Any of them could be the triggering agent of diseases such as fibromyalgia in predisposed people and acupuncture may be a very effective option.
  • Massage: massage is an useful alternative to loosen muscles and help the body restore its energy, joy and health. Bio-energy massage is highly recommended to treat this type of conditions which not only supports the physical but emotional factors.
  • Bio-energy Exercises: which help the patient recover gradually from pent-up tensions in the body.
  • Reiki, aromatherapy and Bach flower remedies: when combined with proper diet and a good emotional work, can be powerful tools for healing.

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2 Reviews about Fibromyalgia: nutritional guidance, natural and alternative natural treatment
on 01/03/2015
This is such a sad, sad condition. It really does debilitate people in a lot of serious ways, and I'm so glad that you have provided the public with this nutritional information and alternative treatment advice, because there ARE things that can be done to help someone that don't involve chemicals.
on 29/01/2013
My mother suffers from several pains and problems even though she?s not really very old, but I?m investigating to help her out, and this article can explain how to treat any disease in general, so it?s pretty impressive, I prefer natural medicine than traditional, and my mother too so that?s why I?m looking here, thanks.

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