Organic Agriculture Fair "BioCórdoba" Elfte Auflage der "BioCórdoba" Messe Feria Nacional de Agricultura Ecológica ‘BioCórdoba’

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Organic Agriculture Fair "BioCórdoba"

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Organic Agriculture Fair "BioCórdoba"

The eleventh edition of the show, being held from October 19th to 22nd in the capital Cordoba was established as a national reference point for industry fairs.

Andalusia, October 10th, 2006.The National Fair of Organic Agriculture 'BioCórdoba' will be attended by nearly 80 exhibiting companies from 12 regions in its eleventh edition, October held from 19th to 22nd in the capital of Córdoba. La Junta de Andalucía, on behalf of the organizing committee of the sample, has announced today the definitive participation in BioCórdoba, which consolidates its position as regards national trade fairs for organic agriculture.

The 78 exhibitors occupying BioCórdoba 2006, one hundred percent of the 2,500 square meters of exhibition area (space increased by 67 percent over 2005) and are representative of all sectors: oil, wines, meats and sausages, fruits, vegetables and juice processing sector, spices, dairy, baking and pastry, marketing and certification, among others. In this year, in addition, the Fair welcomes stands of international firms in the region of Modena (Italy).

Cataloged as Official Trade Fair by the Junta de Andalucía, BioCórdoba offers business opportunities for distributors and producers, chains and purchasing departments, professional catering, specialty stores, consumer associations and other operators.

Similarly, the program of the Fair aims to promote the marketing and consumption of agropastoral products produced using environmentally friendly practices. Thus, some of the planned activities are the marketing techniques, the Forum aimed at organic food distributors and tastings run oil and organic wine. The program also includes the reverse trade missions of national and international, involving professionals from different countries like the United States, Denmark, Austria and Germany.

In addition to the Agriculture and Fisheries of Andalusia, this year the Diputación Provincial de Córdoba and the Association of Enterprises with organic products from Andalucía (EPEA) organized the BioCordoba, who join together to celebrate one of few meetings designed exclusively for professionals in organic agriculture. In addition, the XI Organic Agriculture Fair has the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

Andalusian area grew 400% in five years

Andalusia, an area that currently over half a million hectares, which has led to a growth of 400 percent in just five years, remains an industry leader in organic agriculture in Spain. These figures place Spain as one of the countries at the forefront of EU farmland ecological system in 1 in every 2-Andalusian territory is. Also, Spain has over 5,400 traders, representing 30% of the national total. This set of data showed the opportunity of participating in a tradeshow at the state and BioCórdoba, based in Spain and has the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

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1 Reviews about Organic Agriculture Fair "BioCórdoba"
on 26/11/2015
This is a very cool idea, I would absolutely love to go to an organic foods fair! Also, I was wondering if you had any written reviews of how this turned out? I'm very interesting in the development of organic agriculture, and I'd like to hear what people said about it.

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