Feng Shui: accommodate your house and receive the new year harmony Feng Shui im Haus und die Harmonie im neuem Jahr Feng Shui: acomoda tu casa y recibe con armonía el año nuevo

» » Feng Shui: accommodate your house and receive the new year harmony

Feng Shui: accommodate your house and receive the new year harmony

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Feng Shui: accommodate your house and receive the new year harmony

It does not matter if you have a big room, a small room, an apartment, a house or a mansion.  Where you live can be accommodated from a particular way to help bring harmony, prosperity and achievement and influence flow from our health and economy, to our mood.

Feng Shui (the word means' wind and water ') is a practice of Chinese origin who invites us to consider spaces with the goal of a harmonious understanding between nature, objects and humans.

How it works

Feng Shui teaches that there is a vital energy called Qi (pronounced chi), which is present in all things around us and we live with every day. Every house, every living space, has it particular Qi, and this is generated from the energy that comes together in this space, i.e. depends on the people who inhabit it, the thoughts of those people, objects that are in the room, and so on.

Feng Shui and Christmas

Considering all this, the Feng Shui suggests several tips to make houses always have the most optimal flow of Qi, so that those who inhabit it can receive the benefits of this ancient practice.

Knowing that the Christmas and New Year are associated not only with a time of joy but of reflection, consideration and renewal, here we share some valuable tips that apply not only at home where you live, but call your house inside the heart, because we know that these times require ever greater understanding, more open hearts and with the knowledge to get things and increasingly beautiful experiences.

So get to work:

The door: door serves to let it, to allow exit, to save our privacy. It is important that your door is in the best possible conditions and decorate with any reason to represent joy and prosperity. If it is bright, much better.

Decoration of the house: the Christmas tree is still very promising, we know that is a symbol of prosperity and abundance. However, it is not necessary to the Christmas tree, you can make a good arrangement with your plants, decorate the pots and put colored lights around. The most important thing is that your decorations will be happy and successful, and contain much color as each color is associated with certain qualities.

Order: The order first, it is given shape as best as possible. Many times we leave for "later" deep clean and the closets and cupboards are accumulating useless things, clothes and old shoes, jars of food that no longer serves, and so on. So please think in this and change the attitude. This is very beneficial, since in the closets and closed spaces have stagnant Qi, and the space it occupies is not necessary and can be filled by new things.

It is important that your house has five elements (phase transformation chi): wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Each element is represented as follows:

  • Water: garland in blue, aquarium, rolling things in black and blue.
  • Wood: plants, tree, green objects (moss).
  • Fire: candles, lights, lamps, things red and warm colors.
  • Earth: quartz, ceramic, porcelain glass, clay (birth), and yellow colors earthy things.
  • Metal: spheres and metal objects, gold, silver and copper, metallic tones.

5-pointed star: is one of the most important techniques recommended by Feng Shui to build prosperity. You have to put a star of Bethlehem at the entrance of your house, so that when you open the door to about 45 degrees the first thing to do is get this star, which should be golden, preferably having their own light or is lit by a lamp. This council can also continue in the office or work space.

The colors are also important. You should consider red, gold, white and green as part of your décor, as they represent the love, wisdom, peace and health, respectively.

And do not forget, above all, a very enthusiastic mood, as that your thoughts and positive attitude show it is truly unforgettable.

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2 Reviews about Feng Shui: accommodate your house and receive the new year harmony
on 20/06/2015
I love studying feng shui. When I was younger I think I was intuitively much more sensitive and aware of my surroundings. I remember the comfort they brought, being presernt with them. Now that we're older, we tend to overlook that..
on 07/08/2013
I?m very interested in everything related with the traditional Chinese Feng shui and how it can affect the environment in which we develop our life, affecting our feelings and sensation, perfect for changing the mind of the people that tend to be very angry or things like that, so people should play with the energy more often

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